66socialproof - Skyrocket Conversions and Fuel Growth with Social Proof & FOMO Widgets Notifications (SAAS)

66socialproof - Social Proof and FOMO Widgets Notifications (SAAS) PHP 33.0.0 NULLED Extended


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Social Proof is a script that lets you create and display social proof notifications on your website. Social proof notifications are small pop-ups that show the actions of other visitors or customers on your website, such as purchases, sign-ups, reviews, and more. Social proof notifications can help you boost your conversions, credibility, and trust. Social Proof is easy to install and use. You can create and customize your own social proof notifications with your own text, images, colors, icons, and animations. You can also choose from various types of notifications, such as recent sales, live visitors, coupon codes, testimonials, and more. You can also set the frequency, duration, and position of the notifications. Social Proof is compatible with any website and platform. It works with WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and more. It is also responsive and mobile-friendly. It comes with full documentation and support. You can also get regular updates and new features from the developers. Social Proof is the ultimate solution for creating and displaying social proof notifications on your website. It will help you skyrocket your conversions and growth.

Update 28.0.0 - 12 September, 2023

  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable the theme switcher from the footer.
  • Implemented FAQ block on the homepage which can be enabled from the admin panel.
  • Improved announcements look on the frontend.
  • Improved look on plans page.
More detail
  • Improved look on affiliate page.
  • Improved look on the call to action widget on the home page.
  • Improved look on plan payment thank you page.
  • Improved look and how internal notifications widget works.
  • Upgraded from FontAwesome 5 to FontAwesome 6.
  • LinkedIn login transitioned to the new version required by LinkedIn.
  • Added support for PHP 8.2.
  • Added the new Threads social network in the footer - from the admin panel.
  • Fixed broadcasts new editor variables not working properly.
  • Other overall look and feel improvements.

Update 29.0.0 - 13 October, 2023

  • Implemented & Released the new PWA Plugin.
  • Implemented the ability to set icons for custom pages created in the admin panel.
  • Implemented the ability to change the tracking type and cookie tracking duration of the affiliate system.
  • Implemented Ad blocker detection alert system.
  • Implemented Ad blocker detection lock content until ad blocker is disabled.
  • [details=“More detail”]
  • Implemented Admin panel Webhooks for Domains creation & update events.
  • Implemented the ability to change the main font of the whole website directly from the admin panel.
  • Implemented Database tables size stats in the admin panel statistics page.
  • Implemented Search widget for the Blogging system.
  • Implemented Redeemed Codes Statistics page in the Admin panel.
  • Implemented User’s plans distribution statistics table in the Admin panel.
  • Implemented Blog RSS feed.
  • Implemented Microsoft social login.
  • Implemented canonical tags for public pages where they will help with SEO.
  • Implemented the ability to change the OpenAI model for admin panel translation usage.
  • Implemented the ability to set a CDN via the Offload plugin.
  • Implemented the ability to set a Language flag and also set the order of the Languages via the admin panel.
  • Improved the Pay page by displaying an alert on the title when leaving the page.
  • Improved the UI on the admin panel statistics page.
  • Cleaned up the share buttons used in places like blog posts & custom pages and added Telegram share button.
  • Upgraded ReCaptcha, PHPMailer, TwoFactorAuth, Stripe project dependencies to their latest versions.
  • Other small code improvements, changes and tweaks across the whole product.
  • Fix API User endpoint not working properly.
  • Fix Paypal recurring payment rare issue when the business name is not provided.
  • Fix Admin panel Discount update not working properly in some cases.
  • [/details]

Update 30.0.0 - 17 November, 2023

Minimum PHP requirement is now PHP 8.0 instead of PHP 7.4.
Implemented & Released the new Push Notifications Plugin.
Implemented the ability to set a custom start URL - PWA plugin.

More detail

Implemented notification badges for installed PWA instances in case the user has an internal notification pending - PWA plugin.
Implemented the ability to set preview screenshots for mobile and desktop when installing the PWA of the app - PWA plugin.
Implemented the ability to set shortcuts for contextual menu on the PWA app - PWA plugin.
Implemented admin panel statistics page for Internal notifications sent.
Implemented new filters for users logs: device type filter, city search, continent filter, country search, browser name and browser language.
Implemented new custom select component with search for the frontend and admin panel.
Implemented admin panel new details and filters for each user based on last login: OS Name, Browser language, Device type.
Implemented admin panel new filter for broadcasts: device type.
Implemented admin panel new filter for internal notifications: device type.
Implemented the ability to change the default payment frequency selected, via the admin panel.
Implemented the ability to transfer Campaigns to other accounts, via the admin panel.
The ad blocker detector will only be triggered when a user is not logged in and does not have the No ads plan feature.
Cleaned up and optimized duplicated translations.
Admin panel taxes can now be deleted in case they are created by mistake.
Implemented the ability to set a custom delay for the ad blocker detector modal via the admin panel.
Fix internal notifications URL destination bug.

Update 33.0.0 - 27 January, 2024

Implemented the ability to enable and display latest Blog posts on the homepage footer.
Improved the top menu dropdown when being logged in, showing all internal app links.
Reworked the whole discounts system to be able to choose the Plans for the discount, directly on the discount creation page in the admin panel.
Cookie consent dependancy upgraded and improved to support RTL.
Improved the admin panel language update page - added scroll up / down floating buttons.