Accounting & BookKeeping module for UltimatePOS

Accounting & BookKeeping module for UltimatePOS v1.0 nulled



Charts of accounts
Account types: Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Expenses, Revenue.
Pre-configured generally used account details type. Option to add new account details type
Pre-configured accounts, sub-accounts
Accounts add/edit/delete/activate-deactivate, initial balance as of a particular date
Transactions (mapping different transactions to accounts type)
Journal entry
Transfer from one account to another
Reports – Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, & Ledger
Account reconcile
Reports – Purchase payment aging, Sales payment aging & more advance reports.
Automatic mapping of transactions based on rules
Reports – Advance Reporting.

V0.7 Updates:

Compatible: UltimatePOS latest
Fixed minor bugs.

V 0.8, – Released August 23, 2023

NEW: Mapping of expenses with the account.

V 0.85, – Released January 30, 2024

  1. NEW: Option in journal to add new rows.
  2. NEW: Add description in transaction mapping
  3. FIX: Mapped transaction still showing if payment is deleted issue
  4. FIX: Unable to delete journal issue
  5. FIX: Reset accounting module issue
  6. FIX: journal_entry ref
  7. FIX: Purchase Payments drop-down issue solved

V 1.0 – Released June 7, 2024

  1. NEW: Updated as per new design.

NOTE: You must update UltimatePOS to V6.x before updating the module to this version.