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Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF Pro) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage custom fields for your website. With ACF Pro, you can add fields to posts, pages, users, media, comments, and more. You can also create your own custom blocks, options pages, galleries, repeater fields, and flexible content layouts. ACF Pro is the ultimate tool for WordPress developers who want to build powerful and dynamic websites.

Some of the features of ACF Pro are:

  • Repeater Field: You can create a set of subfields that can be repeated as many times as you want. This is useful for creating lists, tables, sliders, and more.
  • ACF Blocks: You can use PHP to create custom block types for the WordPress block editor. You can integrate your custom fields with your blocks and display them anywhere on your site.
  • Flexible Content Field: You can create a content layout manager that lets you add, edit, and reorder different types of content. This is great for building complex and responsive pages.
  • Options Pages: You can add extra admin pages to edit your custom fields globally. This is handy for storing data that you want to use across your site, such as header and footer information.
  • Gallery Field: You can manage a collection of images with a simple and intuitive interface. You can add, edit, and sort multiple images with ease.
  • Clone Field: You can reuse existing fields and field groups without duplicating them. This saves you time and helps you maintain consistency.

ACF Pro is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. It has a user-friendly interface and a well-documented API.

= 6.2.1 =

Release Date 7th September 2023

  • New - Options Pages created in the admin UI can now be assigned as child pages for any top-level menu item
  • New - Added a “Title Placeholder” setting to ACF Post Types which filters the “Add title” text when editing posts
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  • Enhancement - ACF PRO will now warn when it can’t update due to PHP version incompatibilities
  • Enhancement - ACF PRO will now work correctly with WordPress automatic updates
  • Enhancement - The internal ACF Blocks template attribute parser function parseNodeAttr can now be shortcut with the new acf_blocks_parse_node_attr filter.
  • Enhancement - Removed legacy code for supporting WordPress versions under 5.8
  • Fix - The “Menu Position” setting is no longer hidden for child options pages
  • Fix - The tabs for the “Advanced” settings in Post Types and Taxonomies are now rendered inside a wrapper div
  • Fix - Options pages will no longer display as a child page in the list view when set to a top level page after previously being a child
  • Fix - Conflict with Elementor CSS breaking the ACF PRO banner
  • Fix - Errors generated during the block editor’s savePost function will no longer be caught and ignored by ACF

= =

Release Date 8th September 2023

  • Fix - Editing a field group no longer generates an error when UI options pages are disabled

= 6.2.2 =

Release Date 25th October 2023

  • Enhancement - ACF Blocks which have not been initialized by the editor will now render correctly
  • Enhancement - Added a new acf/filesize filter to allow third party media plugins to bypass ACF calling filesize() on attachments with uncached file sizes, which may result in a remote download if offloaded
  • Enhancement - ACF PRO license status and subscription expiry dates are now displayed on the “Updates” page
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  • Fix - Product pages for WooCommerce version 8.2 or newer now correctly support field group location rules
  • Fix - Relationship field items can now be removed on mobile devices
  • Fix - Color picker fields no longer autocomplete immediately after typing 3 valid hex characters
  • Fix - Field settings no longer appear misaligned when the viewport is something other than 100%
  • Fix - Select fields without an aria-label no longer throw a warning
  • Fix - CPTs and Taxonomies with a custom text domain now export correctly when using PHP export

= 6.2.3 =

Release Date 15th November 2023

  • New - An ACF Blocks specific JSON schema for block.json is now available on GitHub
  • New - Flexible Content fields now show the layout name in the layout’s header bar and supports click-to-copy
  • New - Duplicating Flexible Content layouts now appends “Copy” to their name and label, matching the behavior of field group duplication
More detail
  • Enhancement - ACF PRO will now automatically attempt license reactivation when the site URL changes, e.g. after a site migration. This resolves issues where updates may fail
  • Enhancement - Presentation setting for “High” placement of the Field Group made clear that it’s not supported in the block editor
  • Fix - acf_format_date now ensures the date parameter is valid to prevent fatal errors if other data types are passed in
  • Fix - CPTs with a custom icon URL now display the posts icon in the location column of the field groups screen
  • Fix - The ACF JSON import form will now disable on first submit resolving an issue where you could submit the form twice
  • Fix - The “Add Row” button in the Flexible Content field now displays correctly when using nested layouts
  • Fix - Warning and Error notices no longer flicker on ACF admin pages load
  • i18n - ACF PRO license activation success and error messages are now translatable

= 6.2.4 =

Release Date 28th November 2023

  • Fix - Custom Post Types labels now match the WordPress 6.4 behavior for “Add New” labels
  • Fix - When exporting both post types and taxonomies as PHP, taxonomies will now appear before post types, matching the order ACF registers them. This resolves issues where taxonomy slugs will not work in post type permalinks
More detail
  • Fix - Advanced Settings for Taxonomies, Post Types or Options Pages now display with the correct top padding when toggled on
  • Fix - When a parent option page is set to “Redirect to Child Page”, the child page will now correctly show it’s parent setting
  • Fix - When activated as a must-use plugin, the ACF PRO “Updates” page is now visible. Use the existing show_updates setting to hide
  • Fix - When activated as a must-use plugin, ACF PRO licenses defined in code will now correctly activate sites
  • Fix - When show_updates is set or filtered to false, ACF PRO will now automatically still activate defined licenses
  • i18n - Maintenance and internal upstream messages from the ACF PRO activation server are now translatable

= 6.2.5 =

Release Date 16th January 2024

  • Security Fix - The ACF shortcode will now run all output through wp_kses, escaping unsafe HTML. This may be a breaking change to your site but is required for security, a message will be shown in WordPress admin if you are affected. Please see the blog post for this release for more information. Thanks to Francesco Carlucci via Wordfence for the responsible disclosure
  • Security - ACF now warns via an admin message, when upcoming changes to the_field and the_sub_field may require theme changes to your site to avoid stripping unsafe HTML. Please see the blog post for this release for more information
  • Security - Users may opt in to automatically escaping unsafe HTML via a new filter acf/the_field/escape_html_optin when using the_field and the_sub_field before this becomes default in an upcoming ACF release.

= 6.2.6 =

Release Date 6th February 2024

  • Enhancement - The get_field() and other get_ functions now support an escape_html parameter which return an HTML safe field value
  • Enhancement - The URL field will be now escaped with esc_url rather than wp_kses_post when returning an HTML safe value
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  • Fix - ACF fields will now correctly save into the WordPress created revision resolving issues with previews of drafts on WordPress 6.4 or newer.
  • Fix - Multisite subsites will now correctly be activated by the main site where the ACF PRO license allows, hiding the updates page on those subsites
  • Fix - Field types in which the required property would have no effect (such as the tab, or accordion) will no longer show the option
  • Fix - Duplicating a field group now maintains the current page of field groups being displayed
  • Fix - Fields in ACF Blocks in edit mode in hybrid themes will now use ACF’s styling, rather than some attributes being overridden by the theme
  • Fix - Text in some admin notices will no longer overlap the dismiss button
  • Fix - The word link is now prohibited from being used as a CPT name to avoid a WordPress core conflict
  • Fix - Flexible content layouts can no longer be duplicated over their maximum count limit
  • Fix - All ACF notifications shown outside of ACF’s admin screens are now prefixed with the plugin name
  • Fix - ACF no longer checks if a polyfill is needed for <PHP7 and the polyfill has been removed.

= =

Release Date 7th February 2024

  • Fix - Fatal JS error no longer occurs when editing fields in the classic editor when Yoast or other plugins which load block editor components are installed
  • Fix - Using $escape_html on get functions for array returning field types no longer produces an Array to string conversion error

= 6.2.7 =

Release Date 27th February 2024

  • Security Fix - the_field now escapes potentially unsafe HTML as notified since ACF 6.2.5. For full information, please read the release blog post
  • Security Fix - Field and Layout names are now enforced to alphanumeric characters, resolving a potential XSS issue
More detail
  • Security Fix - The default render template for select2 fields no longer allows HTML to be rendered resolving a potential XSS issue
  • Security Enhancement - A acf/shortcode/prevent_access filter is now available to limit what data the ACF shortcode is allowed to access
  • Security Enhancement - i18n translated strings are now escaped on output
  • Enhancement - ACF now universally uses WordPress file system functions rather than native PHP functions

= 6.2.8 =

Release Date 2nd April 2024

  • New - Support for the Block Bindings API in WordPress 6.5 with a new acf/field source. For more information on how to use this, please read the release blog post
  • New - Support for performance improvements for translations in WordPress 6.5
More detail
  • Enhancement - A new JS filter, select2_escape_markup now allows fields to customize select2’s HTML escaping behavior
  • Fix - Options pages can no longer set to have a parent of themselves
  • Fix - ACF PRO license activations on multisite subsite installs will now use the correct site URL
  • Fix - ACF PRO installed on multisite installs will no longer try to check for updates resulting in 404 errors when the updates page is not visible
  • Fix - ACF JSON no longer produces warnings on Windows servers when no ACF JSON folder is found
  • Fix - Field and layout names can now contain valid non-ASCII characters
  • Other - ACF PRO now requires a valid license to be activated in order to use PRO features. Learn more

= 6.2.9 =

Release Date 8th April 2024

  • Enhancement - The Select2 escapeMarkup function can now be overridden when initializing a custom Select2
  • Fix - “Hide on Screen” settings are now correctly applied when using conditionally loaded field groups
  • Fix - Field names are no longer converted to lowercase when editing the name
  • Fix - Field group titles will no longer convert HTML entities into their encoded form