Active eCommerce Delivery Boy Flutter App - Efficient Order Management for Android and iOS Platforms

Active eCommerce Delivery Boy Flutter App v3.8


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The Active eCommerce Delivery Boy Flutter App is a revolutionary tool designed to streamline your eCommerce business. This app opens a new door for efficient order management on both Android and iOS platforms.

Key Features:
Cross-Platform Compatibility: The app is built using Flutter, ensuring seamless operation on both iOS and Android devices.
2. Admin Control: Admins can create accounts for delivery boys and assign orders for delivery.
3. Order Management: Delivery boys can update the delivery status of an order and send cancel requests to the Admin.
4. Offline Login Page: The app features an offline login page, ensuring access even without an internet connection.
5. Delivery Status Updates: The app provides real-time updates on completed, pending, and cancelled deliveries.

This app is a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their delivery processes and enhance customer satisfaction. It combines the power of Flutter with intuitive design to deliver a top-notch user experience. Boost your eCommerce business today with the Active eCommerce Delivery Boy Flutter App.