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AdAdmin - Easy full featured ad server system 4.2.7



AdAdmin is an easy-to-use, full-featured ad server that allows you to sell banners and manage ads on your site. With AdAdmin, you can control ads and advertising positions, rotate banners, create responsive banners, monitor views and clicks, and share stats with your clients (advertisers). AdAdmin supports banners in GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 formats and scripts (javascript/html/css). It also features an easy install and update process without the need to edit script files. AdAdmin lets you sell banners using a Paypal or Coinbase Commerce account. It also includes device targeting for desktop/mobile, frequency cap to limit banner views per user per day, and geo-localized banner targeting. AdAdmin also provides banner templates to easily create responsive ads without coding. You can also use external scripts such as Google AdSense code. AdAdmin is a powerful tool for publishers who own sites and need to show banners.

10-09-2023 - v.4.2.2

  • UI/UX changes:
    ajax grids fixes in clients, positions, websites, templates, users.
    Fixed a bug in Positions without a site, fixed

25-11-2023 - v.4.2.6

  • PHP 8.2 support, fixed a bug on coinbase process, code cleaning (also separation of functions and classes in users and banners), new date format YYYY/MM/DD, support for strong passwords, fixed a bug on select list positions in banner list, fixed a bug in the dashboard when advertiser or webmaster hasn’t any banner to see, bug on show views and clicks increment in banner list, minor CSS fixes in dashboard, on some apps the tracking click comes without the referrer this cause clicks to be 0 in the graph (now fixed)

17-03-2024 - v.4.2.7 - Added honeypot on sign in registration to limit spam, code comments, a better upload banner button, fixed a bug on advertiser delete function, added a field on the My Profile to let the webmaster input its payment details. Fixed inheritance code on My Profile functionalities. Added version number in translations to help who maintains local translation files.