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Advanced Themer for Bricks 2.6.4


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Introducing Advanced Themer, a companion plugin designed to enhance your experience with the Bricks Theme. This powerful tool is engineered to boost your productivity and streamline your website design process. Advanced Themer is more than just a plugin. It’s a comprehensive solution that empowers you to create stunning, professional websites with ease. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it’s the perfect companion for any Bricks Theme user. Key Features: Seamless Integration, User-Friendly Interface, Productivity Boosting Tools, Customization Options, Ongoing Updates & Support. Experience the power of Advanced Themer today and take your website design to the next level!

= 2.0.2 ( Sep 26, 2023 ) =

  • IMPROVE: Duplicated CSS variable suggestions in the Superpower CSS dropdown
  • IMPROVE: Color variables were missing inside the suggestion dropdowns
  • IMPROVE: The data-theme attribute is now toggling correctly inside the builder
  • IMPROVE: “Focus on first unlocked class” improved
  • FIX: “Disable auto-expand” wasn’t respected in Superpower CSS
  • FIX: Blank screen errors for editors using the Strict Editor Mode

= 2.1 ( Oct 30, 2023 ) =

  • NEW: Variable Manager v1
  • NEW: Complementary Color Generator
  • NEW: Auto-darkmode
More detail
  • NEW: Import colors from a CSS variable List
  • NEW: Enable/Disable any Color Palette
  • NEW: Structure Panel Helper
  • NEW: CSS keyboard Shortcuts
  • NEW: Class Manager Shorcut
  • NEW: Element CSS Shorcut
  • NEW: Expand Spacing Controls
  • IMPROVE: Advanced CSS improved
  • IMPROVE: Variable Picker improved
  • IMPROVE: New “full-size” option in Superpower CSS
  • IMPROVE: Comments added to Superpower CSS
  • IMPROVE: Description added to the Class Manager
  • … and tons of small bug fixes and UX enhancements

= 2.2 ( Nov 20, 2023 )

  • NEW: Responsive Helper
  • NEW: Enable / Disable any Bricks element
  • NEW: Draggable Structure Panel
  • IMPROVE: Plain Classes improved
More detail
  • IMPROVE: Preview Classes on Hover has been improved
  • IMPROVE: Bulk duplicate classes improved
  • IMPROVE: Strict Editor View improved
  • IMPROVE: Variable Manager enhancement
  • IMPROVE: Import/Export/Reset settings improved
  • IMPROVE: Grid guides revamped
  • IMPROVE/FIX: SuperPower CSS: bug fixes and enhancements
  • FIX: Fatal Error “Uncaught Error: Class “Bricks\Elements” not found”
  • FIX: Wrong base font-size calculated inside the builder
  • FIX: The structure helper isn’t showing correctly on template pages
  • FIX: Error with imported elements generated by Nimbufy
  • FIX: Imported Classes not previewing inside the Builder
  • FIX: Duplicate Color Palette bug
  • FIX: Error with Tab shortcut & Lock ID styles

= 2.2.1 ( Nov 28, 2023 )

  • NEW: Style Overview Shortcut
  • NEW: Export option in Class Manager
  • NEW: “Lock ID Styles” for elements with Global Classes
  • IMPROVE: Expand Spacing Controls improved
More detail
  • IMPROVE: Draggable Structure Panel Improved
  • IMPROVE: Component Class Manager improved
  • IMPROVE: Responsive Helper improved + bug fix
  • IMPROVE: Tabs Shortcut improved

= 2.4 ( Jan 31, 2024 )

  • NEW: Box-shadow Generator
  • NEW: Global Query Manager
  • NEW: Quick-save Templates
  • NEW: Advanced Text Wrapper
More detail
  • NEW: Copy/paste your Interaction & Condition settings
  • NEW: Speech to Text converter
  • NEW: Move Styles over different elements, classes or breakpoints
  • NEW: More used classes suggestion & group filter
  • NEW: ID’s overview
  • NEW: Global Query Loop Dropdown
  • NEW: Collapse/Expand the Elements list
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Repeat Grid
  • GRID BUILDER V2: New Span switch
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Fill empty cells inside the grid
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Use minmax() for your grid-template values
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Replace Class/Query loop CSS automatically
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Add/Remove cells
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Resize cells from all 4 corners
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Clear View from the cell
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Cell shortcuts
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Generate Bento Grid
  • GRID BUILDER V2: Bug Fixes and UX improvements
  • Minor Improvements to Style Overview
  • CLASS CONVERTER: Support for nested Class Components
  • CLASS CONVERTER: Update classes
  • CLASS CONVERTER: Group Suggestion
  • CLASS CONVERTER: Minor UX improvements
  • CLASS MANAGER: New Bulk Actions
  • CLASS MANAGER: Enable/Disable specific classes in the bulk actions
  • CLASS MANAGER: New “Ungrouped” Category
  • CLASS MANAGER: Multiple keywords filter
  • CLASS MANAGER: Synched Categories between Bricks and AT
  • CLASS MANAGER: Minor UX improvements and Bug fixes.
  • FIND & REPLACE: Update values inside global classes
  • STRUCTURE HELPER: New icons for the previewed structure
  • STRUCTURE HELPER: Show interactions set on global classes
  • ELEMENTS SHORTCUTS: New Text-link icon
  • INDICATORS OF STYLES INHERITED FROM A CLASS: Different indicators for ID and classes
  • RESOURCE PANEL: New zoom slider
  • RESOURCE PANEL: UX Improvements
  • GRID GUIDES: In some cases the grid guides weren’t covering the entire top/bottom screen.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT: Overwrite existing settings
  • PLAIN CLASSES: Minor UX improvements and bug fixes

= 2.4.1 ( Feb 2, 2024 )

  • FIX: Error converting AT’s Class Categories into compatible Bricks ones
  • FIX: Box-shadow Generator & Grid Builder settings wouldn’t apply correctly on pseudo-elements
  • FIX: Locked classes becoming wrongly unlocked

= 2.5 ( Mar 27, 2024 )

  • NEW: SASS integration for Advanced CSS & SuperPower CSS (Experimental)
  • NEW: AT Main Menu in toolbar
  • NEW: Contextual Class Menu
  • NEW: Select the controls your clients can see for each element type (Strict Editor View)
More detail
  • NEW: Copy/Paste/Reset all the global classes from one element to another
  • NEW: Add a Featured Image Column in the Templates Admin Screen
  • IMPROVE: Theme settings UX improved
  • IMPROVE: Right Shortcuts for creating Elements now support Keyboard shortcuts
  • IMPROVE: Left Tabs Shortcuts now support Keyboard shortcuts
  • IMPROVE: Added an option to disable all the controls by default (Strict Editor View)
  • IMPROVE: Builder Tweaks for Strict Editor View improved to quickly enhance the UX.
  • IMPROVE: More flexibility added to the left panel visibility tweak (Strict Editor View).
  • IMPROVE: Custom dummy content for Lorem Ipsum Generator.
  • IMPROVE: Removed the “tab” conditional loading for Builder Tweaks. All the tweaks are visible by default.
  • IMPROVE: Increase the input space for margin/padding controls when the variable picker is active
  • IMPROVE: Gutenberg CSS declarations are now conditionally enqueued only if a blocks is detected in the page.
  • IMPROVE: Advanced CSS has been moved inside Builder Tweak tab.
  • IMPROVE: New keyboard shortcuts for Query Loop Manager, Find & Replace and Plain Classes.
  • IMPROVE: Keyboard shortcuts are now compatible for WIN users.
  • IMPROVE: Generate Global Classes from your Child Theme CSS (Advanced CSS).
  • IMPROVE: Added “Divider” as element shortcut, and removed “Social Icons” & “Icon box”.
  • IMPROVE: Major Dynamic data compatibility in Global Query Manager
  • IMPROVE: SuperPowerCSS now integrates a new Fullscreen mode
  • IMPROVE: The shorcuts sheatsheet are now hidden by default in SuperPowerCSS
  • IMPROVE: License Security enhancement
  • IMPROVE: Moving elements through the contextual menu won’t close the menu on click
  • IMPROVE: Advanced Themer will now deactivate itself if Bricks isn’t activated
  • FIX: Gutenberg Colors could duplicate the styles loaded by AT on frontend.
  • FIX: Gutenberg Colors weren’t applying correctly for overlays
  • FIX: Focus on class didn’t work correctly when clicking on the preview window from the structure panel
  • FIX: Remove data when the plugin was uninstalled wasn’t working correctly
  • FIX: Auto-select Import Images and/or Replace Content in the template popup weren’t correctly unselectable in the builder.
  • FIX: When using the search function inside the builder, SuperPowerCSS control was automatically focused and created bad UX
  • FIX: Imported color shades wouldn’t update when the parent color is modified
  • FIX: The “Backdrop-filter” control wasn’t showing correctly when the new FILTERS / TRANSITIONS tab wasn’t enabled
  • FIX: Vanilla CSS values and “!important” weren’t suggested anymore in SuperPowerCSS
  • FIX: The Draggable Structure Panel wasn’t working correctly when the admin bar was enabled inside the builder.
  • FIX: The Root component toggle for Class Converter was showing inside the Strict Editor View.
  • FIX: Centered the “V” inside the variable picker toggle
  • FIX: Class Preview on hover wasn’t working when after filtering the classes
  • FIX: Masonry view inside the template popup was breaking the layout of the unsplash popup
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that prevented SuperPowerCSS to mount correctly in some cases
  • FIX: Imported CSS files in Advanced CSS could generate an error with OpenSSL activated on the server
  • FIX: The AI assistant panel in Advanced CSS was not visible anymore

= 2.5.1 ( Mar 29, 2024 )

  • FIX: Left tabs shorcuts weren’t always mounted correctly when Focus On first class is enabled
  • FIX: A JS error could popup when an element had a css class added, but no global class attached
  • FIX: Increased compatibility with earlier versions of Bricks 1.9.7
  • FIX: Changes in Strict Editor Settings weren’t saved correctly in database
  • FIX: SuperPowerCSS not showing changes when navigating through style tabs

= 2.5.2 ( APR 3, 2024 )

  • IMPROVE: Global Classes extracted and saved from the Advanced CSS Panels are now locked by default
  • IMPROVE: Custom CSS and SuperPower CSS controls are now full-height by default when “Hide inactive Style accordion panel” tweak is enabled
  • IMPROVE: Added a toggle for enabling/disabling keyboard shortcuts for creating new elements
  • IMPROVE: Creating nested elements through the right sidebar could eventually wrongly create siblings
  • FIX: “Reduced Left panel visibility” in Strict Editor View was sometime not showing the panel correctly.

= 2.6.3 ( MAY 17, 2024 )

  • IMPROVE: New PHP filter to activate the Core Framework integration inside the Variable Picker

  • IMPROVE: Resetting/importing/exporting global classes will also include the corresponding Global Class Categories

  • FIX: The left content tab could return empty when clicking on the corresponding left shortcut

More detail
  • FIX: Switching left tabs shortcuts under 100ms could calculate incorrectly the active Status
  • FIX: The Form element could produce an empty style tab when switching from another element
  • FIX: In some cases, importing CSS Global Variables could mess with the CSS Variable Categories array

= 2.6.4 ( MAY 31, 2024 )

  • NEW: Dynamic Data Modal
  • NEW: Image Mask Helper
  • IMPROVE: New enqueue options for the CSS Theme variables.
  • IMPROVE: New default enqueue position set to Head for CSS Theme variables.
More detail
  • IMPROVE: Removed a server request when enqueuing CSS Theme variables.
  • FIX: Custom CSS codes on the ID level weren’t correctly removed with Class Converter
  • FIX: Layout issue: style group labels could overlap the SuperPowerCSS control when adding long CSS declarations
  • FIX: Content tabs could disappear when “Hide inactive accordion panels” tweak was active
  • FIX: Dynamic Data dropdown hidden in popup controls
  • FIX: Clicking on the Structure Panel header icons could wrongly trigger the draggable/resize function.
  • FIX: CSS Variables Conversion script could lead to conversion failure.