AIKit - The Best WordPress AI automatic Writing Assistant Using GPT

AIKit - WordPress AI Automatic Writer, Chatbot, Writing Assistant & Content Repurposer / OpenAI GPT 4.16.2


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AIKit is the best WordPress AI writing assistant using GPT-3 that helps you create high-quality and engaging content for your site. With AIKit, you can:

Generate content for various purposes and niches, such as blog posts, product descriptions, headlines, slogans, captions, summaries, etc.
Edit and improve your content with AI-powered tools, such as grammar checker, plagiarism checker, readability score, tone analyzer, etc.
Optimize your content for SEO and conversions with AI-powered suggestions, such as keywords, tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, etc.
Save and manage your content with a user-friendly interface and a cloud-based storage
And much more!
AIKit uses the latest AI technology and algorithms to generate and edit content. It is powered by GPT-3, a state-of-the-art deep learning model that can create coherent and relevant content from any input. It is also fast and reliable, so it won’t affect your site speed or SEO.

AIKit is the ultimate WordPress AI writing assistant using GPT-3 that will help you create high-quality and engaging content for your site. It is trusted by over 1,000 users worldwide, and has a 5/5 rating on CodeCanyon. It also comes with premium support and updates.


  • Add embeddings support.
  • Integrate Chatbot with embeddings to allow for best answering user questions using your own data.
  • Multiple bug fixes.


  • Bug and styling fixes.


  • Improve error message in case errors happen during ElevenLab generations.


Delete all RSS repurpose generated jobs when deleting RSS job.


Integrate OpenAI’s latest Text-to-Speech API.


Bug fixes.

4.15.2 (10TH FEB 2024)

Add feature to allow users to save custom prompts for comment generation for future use.
Improve displaying repurpose jobs linked to RSS jobs.

4.15.5 (19TH MAR 2024)

Adding support for AI menu in classic editor on tags and categories pages.

4.16.2 (16TH APRIL 2024)

Bug fixes.