AppDL - Your High-Speed, Secure, Multilingual Tiny App Store for All Your App and Game Downloads

AppDL v1.3.0 - Multilingual Tiny App Store


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Experience the power of AppDL, your go-to Multilingual Tiny App Store. Designed with a focus on high-speed downloads and top-notch security, AppDL is your gateway to a world of apps and games. With its multilingual support, you can launch your own app store, akin to Google Play, right from your web dashboard.

Key Features:

Multilingual Support: AppDL is designed to cater to a global audience. You can define different languages and publish specific blog posts, contents, and files for each country.

  1. User Roles and Access: AppDL supports different user roles, including administrator, employee, regular, and VIP user. You can grant access permissions to different user roles from the admin dashboard.

  2. Unlimited Categories: Create unlimited categories and up to 4 subcategory levels for Apps, Games, and Blogs.

  3. SEO Optimization: Every file and post in AppDL is optimized for search engines. You can define SEO descriptions, keywords, and tags for each file and post.

  4. Review and Commenting System: AppDL features a secure commenting and review system. The comments and reviews can be displayed in the admin dashboard for approval or rejection.

  5. Advertising System: In addition to using other advertising systems like Google Ads, you can also use the internal Advertising System included in the admin dashboard.

  6. High Security: AppDL includes security features like XSS Attack prevention, CSRF Protection, Form Validation, Google reCAPTCHA, and encrypted API access keys.

Experience the future of app stores with AppDL - your high-speed, secure, multilingual tiny app store.