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Kevin Geary, Matteo Greco

Automatic.css (ACSS) is a powerful and innovative CSS framework that lets you create stunning websites with WordPress page builders. ACSS is not just a collection of utility classes, but a smart system that automatically adjusts typography, spacing, colors, grids, and responsiveness according to your preferences. ACSS gives you full control over every aspect of your design, without having to write any code or deal with breakpoints. Whether you want to recreate a design from Figma, Sketch, or XD, or just experiment with different styles and layouts, ACSS makes it easy and fun. With ACSS, you can:

  • Set your brand colors and get six shade variants of each color automatically.
  • Use classes to color any element, background, or overlay with these variants.
  • Use variables to access these colors in custom classes and IDs.
  • Choose from 12 different size options for typography, margins, padding, and gaps, all following a perfect mathematical scale.
  • Enjoy automatically responsive typography and spacing using advanced CSS clamp and calc functions.
  • Use fallbacks for browsers that don’t support clamp or calc.
  • Create automatically responsive grids with just one class.
  • Change the aspect ratio of any element with a class.
  • Customize the entire system from the ACSS dashboard.

ACSS is the ultimate CSS framework for WordPress page builders. It saves you time, boosts your creativity, and helps you build beautiful websites that stand out from the crowd.


  • Smart spacing no longer breaks spacing in WooCommerce pages
  • The context menu now adapts better to small screens
  • The context menu now properly applies classes to empty elements
  • Grid classes now work in Oxygen footer elements correctly
  • Flex classes are no longer loaded in Gutenberg when the related setting is turned off

v2.7.0.2 Updates:

Full change log available here

v2.7.1 OCTOBER 24, 2023

  • Auto BEM fixes
  • Color Scheme Switcher fixes
  • Form fixes
  • Breakout on : margin now working correctly
More detail
  • Ribbon default shadow color now uses neutral instead of shade
  • Stop triggering calc expansion on certain css properties (grid-area etc.)
  • Add missing card-gap and grid classes in Context Menu
  • Fix: You do not have sufficient permissions to save the plugin settings
  • Fix: contextual colors are now in the Gutenberg palette
  • SASS/SCSS import path
  • Breakpoint values are now visible in the Header Height Dashboard
  • S3 plugin compatibility
  • Converted more Shade references to Neutral

NOVEMBER 9, 2023 - 2.7.2

This is our standard post-release update focusing exclusively on bug fixes and improvements.

WordPress 6.4 compatibility
PHP 8.2 compatibility

More detail

Add color palette to Cwicly
Clickable parent no longer prevents editing text in Bricks
Flex-grid classes are no longer generated multiple times
Context menu correctly applies selection–alt class
Form fixes
Added missing option-centering
Disable the context menu in Cwicly until fully supported
Header height settings now allow decimals

ACSS Changelog - New Features & Updates

Want to see the latest changes, additions, enhancements, and new features that have come to Automatic.css? Here’s a full timeline.

FEBRUARY 9, 2024 - 2.8.1

This is our standard post-release update focusing exclusively on bug fixes and improvements.
Content-grid class now has the correct specificity
Heading colors now apply the correct value

More detail

Loom extension no longer creates extra space
Contextual color classes are back
Heading sizes and line heights in Oxygen now produce the correct output
Accent button is back in the context menu
Removed references to --variable-grid from our docs

MARCH 18, 2024

This is a security release that fixes a potential XSS and CSRF vulnerability in our backend. The update won’t impact the layout and styling of your websites, so you can perform it safely.

APRIL 4, 2024 - 2.8.3

This is our standard post-release update focusing exclusively on bug fixes and improvements.
Programmatic color scheme protection
Gutenberg styles no longer load in the preview area when “load styling in backend” is disabled

More detail

Auto-BEM no longer disrupts Bricks global classes
Section spacing is now visible in the context menu on spacing inputs
Compatibility issues between contextual color utilities and color scheme protection classes are now solved
Compatibility issues with color scheme protection classes for website background color, text color, and heading colors have been fixed
Relative paths in import statements no longer cause issues with SG Optimizer
Headings now switch colors automatically when using auto color relationships