Blogingo - Multilingual Blog Management (App and Website)

Blogingo - Multilingual Blog Management (App and Website) v1.0.0


Introducing Blogingo: Multilingual Blog Management System

Blogingo is a high-speed, secure, and multilingual blog management system. It empowers you to launch your own website, blog, or mobile application effortlessly. Additionally, Blogingo offers API integration, allowing you to utilize its content on various websites or mobile applications.

Built with PHP and the CodeIgniter framework, Blogingo provides a user-friendly admin dashboard where you can define multiple languages and publish specific content for each country. Access control is flexible, enabling you to assign user roles such as administrators, employees, regular users, and VIP users. You have the freedom to create unlimited categories and subcategories, with support for up to four subcategory levels.

The blog posts section is optimized for search engines (SEO), allowing you to define SEO descriptions, keywords, and tags for each post. It also includes a secure commenting system, utilizing Google reCAPTCHA and Ajax to prevent server intrusions. In the admin dashboard, you can review and approve/reject comments, giving you full control over user-generated content.