Boost Your WooCommerce Shop Revenue with Flintop's Lottery Plugin - Run Exciting Lucky Draws, Competitions, Contests, and More

Lottery for WooCommerce 9.9.0



The Flintop Lottery for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that allows you to run lotteries, contests, and competitions right from your WooCommerce store. This plugin is designed to boost customer engagement and increase sales by offering exciting lottery-based promotions.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Setup: The plugin is easy to install and configure. It seamlessly integrates with your existing WooCommerce store.
  2. Flexible Lottery Settings: You can set the start and end dates for the lottery, define the number of winners, and set ticket prices.
  3. Random Winner Selection: The plugin uses a fair and transparent system to randomly select winners.
  4. User-friendly Interface: The plugin provides a clean and intuitive interface for both store owners and customers.
  5. Email Notifications: Automatic email notifications are sent to participants when they win a lottery.



  1. Boosts Customer Engagement: The lottery feature adds an element of excitement to shopping, encouraging customers to visit your store more often.
  2. Increases Sales: By offering attractive prizes, you can motivate customers to purchase more in order to participate in the lottery.
  3. Easy to Use: The plugin is user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical expertise to set up and run lotteries.


  1. Limited Customization: While the plugin offers basic customization options, it might not meet the needs of stores that require advanced features or specific customization.
  2. No Multi-Language Support: The plugin doesn’t support multiple languages, which could be a drawback for stores with an international customer base.


The Flintop Lottery for WooCommerce is a great tool for boosting customer engagement and increasing sales. It’s easy to use and offers a fair system for running lotteries. However, it could benefit from more advanced customization options and multi-language support.

2024-04-29 - version 9.9.0

  • New - Added Export & Import options for instant win prize settings
  • Tweak - Code Improvements
  • Tweak - Improvement made in server cron for automatic relist
  • Tweak - Improvement made in save the instant win Prize rules
  • Tweak - Tested with WordPress v6.5.2 & WooCommerce v8.8.2
  • Fix - Lottery details(Lottery page & Entry List page) displaying incorrectly to the users when the page visibility on private