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BricksExtras is the ultimate element library for Bricks Builder, offering 33 advanced elements and features to help you create stunning websites with ease. Each element is fully customizable, allowing you to create a unique look and feel for your website. In addition to its advanced elements, BricksExtras also includes a range of features designed to enhance your website building experience. Some of the key features of BricksExtras include: 33 advanced elements, Fully customizable, Live CSS editor, Custom breakpoints, Global color palettes. BricksExtras is the perfect tool for anyone looking to take their website to the next level.

= 1.3.8 ( November 09, 2023 ) =

  • [Slide Menu] - Fixed WordPress 6.4 preventing slide menu from opening in some cases.
  • [General] - Fixed CSS from v1.3.7 causing a few ACSS variables to not be applied.

= 1.4.0 ( Dec 1, 2023 ) =

  • [Pro Slider Control] - Added the ability to display data from prev/next or current slides.

  • [Breadcrumbs] - Added an option to remove current page/post title from breadcrumbs.

  • [Dynamic Lightbox] - Added an option to reposition the captions directly underneath the lightbox content.

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  • [Pro Offcanvas] - Focus moving back to trigger when Offcanvas closed is now optional.
  • [Pro Tabs] - Now supports multiple “Read more” elements inside tab content.
  • [WPGridBuilder Facets] - Added options to align radio/checkboxes horizontally.
  • [Copy to Clipboard] - Added option to strip HTML tags from copied content.
  • [WS Forms] - More typography settings for general text/headings inside the form.
  • [Conditions] - Added != operator to “Author has CPT” entry condition.
  • [General] - Elements/features will now continue to function if the license is removed from client sites (needs to be active to receive updates).

= 1.4.3 ( Mar 12, 2024 ) =

  • [Star Ratings] - Fixed issue with icon size not working with SVGs.
  • [Lottie] - Addressed issue with multiple lottie elements not being able to be used when inside a GutenBricks template.
  • [General] - Security patch update.

= 1.4.8 ( Mar 21, 2024 ) =

  • [Popover] - Now supports being used inside query loops using Bricks’ infinite scroll.
  • [Social Share] - Added Print button as a new option.
  • [Hotspots] - Exposed the instance so can be controlled via JS (see dev docs).
  • [Hotspots] - Can now be closed with data-x-close attribute inside hotspot content.
  • [Pro Slider Gallery] - Fixed the issue with Splide lazy loading sometimes causing images to not display.
  • [Pro Slider] - Adjusted the default arrow CSS to prevent user uploaded SVGs from being targeted.
  • [Dynamic Table] - Fixed the issue where the table wouldn’t complete loading if empty attributes were added to columns.

= 1.4.9 ( Apr 16, 2024 ) =

  • [Social Share] - Added more print options, including the ability to print specific parts of the page.
  • [Social Share] - Added an option to customize the subject/body text of email.
  • [Copy to Clipboard] - Added support for copying user-added content from inputs/textareas.
  • [Table of Contents] - Conditional display - choose a minimum number of headings found in content to display the table.
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  • [Pro Tabs] - Improved keyboard accessibility.
  • [Pro Tabs] - Added a “tab orientation” setting to allow for changing left/right key navigation to up/down if building a vertical layout.
  • [Image Hotspots] - Added a new interaction option for selected markers.
  • [Popover] - Added new interaction options for popovers opening/closing.
  • [Image Hotspots] - Added an option to toggle moving user focus into popover content when a marker is selected via keyboard.
  • [Toggle Switch] - Labels now support HTML.
  • [WPGB Facet styler] - Added a “gap” control for the pagination facet.
  • [Dynamic Table] - Column headings now support using custom functions with the echo tag.
  • [Pro Slider] - Fixed an issue with conditional slider where it could also hide slider controls from nearby sliders.