BuddyPress Block Users: Advanced User Blocking Solution for BuddyPress Sites

BuddyPress Block Users 1.1.5



Introducing BuddyPress Block Users, a plugin that allows users to block other users on BuddyPress sites. This feature is crucial for creating a safe environment for your users in a BuddyPress-based community.

The plugin offers role-based user blocking for BuddyPress, allowing you to limit which user roles can block other users. It also provides role-based user whitelisting, enabling you to specify which roles cannot be blocked.

With BuddyPress Block Users, you can enable automatic unfriending/unfollowing when a user is blocked. You can also require the user to add a reason while blocking another user, although this is optional. Admin notifications of user blocking and unblocking are also available and can be turned on or off as needed.

The plugin allows you to apply user-specific restrictions based on context. For instance, you can disable sending friendship requests from blocker users to blocked users and vice versa. You can also disable sending private messages between blocker and blocked users, restrict profile views, hide users from members listing, and hide activity posts and comments of blocked users from blocker users and vice versa.

This plugin is also available as a free companion with BuddyPress Moderation Tools. If you purchase BuddyPress Moderation tools, you will get free access to this plugin.