BuddyPress Friendship Restrictions: Advanced Friendship Management for Your BuddyPress Site

BuddyPress Friendship Restrictions 1.1.5


BuddyDev Team

Introducing BuddyPress Friendship Restrictions, an advanced plugin that allows you to restrict BuddyPress Friendship features. This plugin gives absolute control to site admins to manage how the friends feature works on your BuddyPress site.

With BuddyPress Friendship Restrictions, you can limit who can add a friend, who can be added as a friend, how many requests are allowed, and how many friends are allowed. It provides features to restrict users who can send friendship requests by roles and restrict users who can be added as a friend based on roles.

The plugin also allows you to throttle BuddyPress friendship requests by controlling how many requests can be sent in a specified duration. It also lets you limit the maximum allowed number of friends.

In the future, the plugin will allow setting limits for individual roles. It’s easily extendable via filters, providing flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of use cases. This plugin is an excellent tool for managing and enhancing the social aspects of your BuddyPress community.