Cariera - Professional Job Board WordPress Theme: A Complete Solution for Employers and Candidates

Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme 1.7.9 NULLED


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The Cariera Job Board WordPress Theme is a comprehensive and professional solution for running a job board website. It’s designed with a focus on user experience, SEO optimization, and maximum performance. The theme is highly customizable with a modern and clean design.


Job Management: Employers can post jobs directly to the site, manage their company profile, and handle applications from candidates.
2. Resume Management: Candidates can post resumes, manage their profiles, and apply for jobs directly on the site.
3. Application Tracking: The theme includes an application tracking system for both employers and candidates.
4. Email Notifications: Automatic email notifications keep users updated about their job and application status.
5. Customizable Layouts: With various page templates and customizable layouts, you can design your job board to match your brand.
6. SEO Optimized: The theme is designed with SEO best practices in mind to help your site rank higher in search engine results.



User-Friendly: The Cariera theme is easy to use, making it simple for employers and candidates to navigate the job board.
2. Customizable: With numerous customization options, you can make your job board unique and aligned with your brand.
3. SEO Optimized: The SEO optimization of the theme helps your site to rank higher in search engine results, attracting more traffic to your job board.
4. Responsive Support: The theme comes with responsive and helpful support, ensuring you can solve any issues promptly.


Learning Curve: While the theme is user-friendly, it may take some time for users to familiarize themselves with all the features.
2. Cost: The theme is a bit pricey compared to other job board themes. However, the robust features and excellent support justify the cost.


The Cariera Job Board WordPress Theme is a robust and professional solution for anyone looking to create a job board. With its user-friendly design, numerous features, and SEO optimization, it provides a comprehensive solution for employers and candidates alike. While it may take some time to learn all the features and the cost is slightly higher than other themes, the quality and support provided make it a worthwhile investment. Overall, it’s a top-notch theme for any job board website.

Ver. 1.7.5 – 24.02.2024


  • WPJM 2.2.2 support
  • Support for WPJM Alerts 3.0.0
More detail
  • Guest job alerts via WPJM Alerts
  • Add alert popup on job listing search
  • New design for “My Alerts”
  • “featured_first” support for job listings
  • New search radius design and handling
  • Company search support for listing search box
  • Resume search support for listing search box
  • Listing search elementor element (handle all search forms via 1 element)
  • Listing submission elementor element (handle all submission via 1 element)
  • Listing dashboard elementor element (handle all dashboards via 1 element)
  • Search button for company search which can be activate with ‘cariera_company_filters_show_submit_button’ filter
  • Actions before and after user details are changed
  • Post title in single post article for better SEO


  • Kirki integration
  • Main functionality for extending Walker_Nav_Menu()
  • Single listing 2 page header
  • Listing search overall css
  • Search radius performance
  • Customizer options
  • Developer mode for the theme
  • Single resume v2 & v3 categories css
  • Single resume v2 & v3 responsive mode
  • Resume education & experience ui
  • WPJM Alerts form in the dashboard
  • Theme menu handling and security


  • WP Dashboard → Menus not appearing
  • Back to top customizer option not working
  • Breadcrumbs customizer option not working
  • Job taxonomy background not showing
  • Customizer options have default values on install instead of empty
  • Demo detailes changed via “my profile” on demo accounts
  • Half map “load more” button visibility on responsive
  • Single company v1 header info issues on responsive
  • Single job v2, v3 overview detail ui issues on mobile
  • Single company v2, v3 overview detail ui issues on mobile
  • Select2 styling when WPJM Alerts 3.0.0 is active
  • Horizontal sliding on mobile devices
  • Submission packages price not centered on responsive
  • Styling issue for demo content on login/register page
  • Pricing table 2 background image not showing
  • Job application star rating UI and functionality
  • Small fixes on responsive
  • PHPCS errors and warnings
  • HTML validation errors


  • Core Plugins
  • Language POT Files

Ver. 1.7.6 – 26.03.2024


  • *New installation video tutorial to Cariera → Welcome
  • Company grid 3 template
More detail
  • Company grid 3 to elementor company board element
  • Featured jobs under job overview (with option to enable/disable)
  • Featured resumes under resume overview
  • Featured companies under resume overview
  • Job listing category to job overview
  • Resume listing category to resume overview
  • Single job listing map into its own template
  • Single resume listing map into its own template
  • Single company listing map into its own template
  • Related jobs option to enable/disable related listigns in single job page
  • Related resumes option to enable/disable related listigns in single resume page
  • Dynamic slider handling for related jobs template
  • Dynamic slider handling for related resumes template
  • Job application count in REST API for mobile app
  • Sticky header on responsive mode (enabled by default)
  • Company layout options for Company half map page


  • Cariera Company Manager template handling
  • Company get_ajax_companies() code
  • Job listing overview
  • Resume listing overview
  • Company listing overview
  • Default items per page on company board element is now 10
  • Company listings css files
  • Cariera Welcome explanation text
  • Radius search disabled when “reset” is clicked
  • Company category taxonomy page
  • Cariera core assets version when theme is in dev mode
  • Demo importer when demo content is online and not locally
  • Onboarding sidebar button design
  • Onboarding support expiration design
  • Cariera settings styling


  • Sidebar listing search design issues
  • Location autocomplete issue
  • WooCommerce terms & condidations checkbox invisible
  • Listing archive pages _n() issues
  • Listing archive pages translation issues
  • Dashboard chart not working and stuck on loading
  • Job suggestions on keyword search (home page job search form)
  • Cookie notice not working despite selected setting
  • UI issues with upload file on “job application” form
  • Small issue with CF7 on resume and company listings
  • Single job v1 & v3 responsive issues
  • Single company v1 & v3 responsive issues
  • PHP errors when not all “logo margin” options have been added
  • “Google Maps JavaScript API has been loaded directly without loading=async” warning


  • Update core plugins
  • .POT language files

Ver. 1.7.8 – 24.04.2024


  • Company logos to the “WP Dashboard → Job Manager” listing list
  • Job submission flow into a separate template file
More detail
  • Resume submission flow into a separate template file
  • Company submission flow into a separate template file


  • Font icons not loading correctly
  • Notice in “Job Alerts” page overflowing horizontally on responsive mode


  • Bundled plugins

Ver. 1.7.9 – 14.05.2024


  • *** WPJM 2.3.0 support: Job Statistics
  • *** New Job Dashboard design
More detail
  • *** WPJM 2.3.0 support: Job dashboard keyword search

  • *** WPJM 2.3.0 support: reCaptcha v3

    • Custom menu positions for Employer/Candidate extra user menu
  • Featured sign on single job listing if listing is featured

  • Featured sign on single company listing if listing is featured

  • Featured sign on single resume listing if listing is featured

  • Tab label control options for the “listing tab search” elementor element

  • “None” option in “Default Register User Role” setting

  • Location autocomplete for company location field on listing search tab

  • Page header template instead of hardcoding in every page

  • Company title on job listings logo alt for improved SEO

  • “alt” on image tags to improve accessability


  • All pages that use page header
  • Total refactored of social media sharing functionality
  • WPJM Term select field
  • WooCommerce Terms & Conditions link in the checkout page will open in a new tab
  • Cariera checkbox UI on some instances
  • Optimized included image assets
  • Theme accessability score
  • Semantic HTML
  • Theme demo importer performance
  • General theme css


  • Fix corrupted images & font files
  • Sticky header showing on top of popup modals


  • Fontawesome icon library to 5.15.4
  • All bundled plugins
  • Packages for a better development enviroment
  • Language .POT file
  • Live demo pages for better Semantic HTML flow


  • Listing Reports functionality
  • Listing Reports dashboard pages
  • Deleted “Home Page - Search Banner” template