Diagramy: Comprehensive Diagram Editor for Perfex CRM

Diagramy v1.0.2 - Diagrams and BPMN module for Perfex (Flowcharts, Process diagrams, Org Charts & more)



Diagramy is a complete diagram editor for Perfex CRM. It allows you to create, edit, and share BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), custom Flowcharts, Process diagrams, Org Charts, UML, ER & Network Diagrams with your staff members through the diagrams.net library.

This module supports assignment to Projects and Tasks, making it visible to Customers and their Contacts in the frontend (Customers Area). You can also import 100% custom transparent icons/images from a remote URL source.

Diagramy provides dynamic filtering of diagrams, grouping, sorting and live searching through the available diagrams. This makes it a great contribution tool for the whole staff team. It also allows you to assign created Diagrams to Projects & Tasks, making them visible in the Customers Area.

The module is easy to install and activate. No coding is needed! Just follow the instructions and be able to use Diagramy module in minutes.