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Divi Theme 4.24.3


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Divi is a revolutionary WordPress theme and visual page builder that gives you the power to create spectacular designs with ease. It’s packed with endless layout possibilities, stunning themes, and a plethora of modules that allow you to build just about anything you can imagine.

Key Features:

  1. Visual Page Builder: Divi’s intuitive visual page builder makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful websites without needing to know how to code.
  2. Premade Layouts: Divi comes with hundreds of beautifully designed layout packs that you can use to jump-start your design process.
  3. Responsive Editing: With Divi, you can design your website to look great on any device, thanks to its responsive editing tools.
  4. Global Elements & Styles: Save time and streamline your design process by using global elements and styles across your entire website.
  5. WooCommerce Integration: Divi seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, making it easy for you to build an online store.


  • User-Friendly: Divi’s drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible for beginners.
  • Versatile: With its vast array of modules and design options, Divi can be used to create any type of website.
  • Active Community: Divi has a large and active community where users can share ideas, ask questions, and get help when needed.


  • Learning Curve: While Divi is user-friendly, it does have a learning curve, especially for those who are new to WordPress.
  • Performance: Some users have reported that Divi can be slow on some servers.


In conclusion, Divi is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme that offers endless design possibilities. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for beginners, while its advanced features will satisfy even the most seasoned designers. However, like any tool, it has its drawbacks. The learning curve may be steep for some, and performance issues may arise on some servers. Despite these cons, Divi remains a popular choice among WordPress users for its versatility and ease of use.

SEO Optimized Content:

When creating content with Divi, it’s important to keep SEO in mind. Use keywords strategically in your content, but avoid keyword stuffing. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly as this is a significant factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Lastly, use the SEO features built into Divi to optimize your meta descriptions and title tags for better search engine visibility.

version 4.23.1 ( updated 11-06-2023 )

  • Fixed an issue where the “Custom CSS” option was incorrectly appended with “CSS” during a search in the settings modal.
  • Fixed an issue where the class was not correctly replacing selectors when pseudo elements are involved.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue that occurred with WooCommerce Payments and object caching where the page content would not load correctly in DIvi Builder.
  • Added ability to convert a library item element type into another.
More detail
  • Fixed an issue where the AI App cannot be opened in Theme Builder in some cases.
  • Fixed free-form CSS is not working for the fresh new module where there are no settings changed.
  • Fixed issue with ETBuilderCustomCSSOutput component not resetting values correctly.
  • Added support of Enter hotkey for Categories/Tags editor in Cloud App modal.
  • Updated prompt module to correctly calculate the width and adjust the position when displayed with the admin bar.
  • Fixed an issue with Code AI icon not rendering correctly in some cases.
  • Removed deprecated STYLESHEETPATH constant usage.

version 4.24 ( updated 01-18-2024 )

  • Introduced the Divi AI Image Editor

version 4.24.1 ( updated 02-14-2024 )

  • Fixed a PHP deprecation notice in the Blog module.
  • Added integration with AI for retrieving and updating the post settings title, excerpt, and featured image.
  • Fixed an issue where the custom CSS tabs were being rendered when there was only one field for custom css.
  • Fixed PHP 7.2 compatibility issue with the SplitLibrary.php file.
More detail
  • Fixed a PHP fatal error that occurred in very rare cases where the mb_convert_encoding() PHP function was not available.
  • Fixed an issue where replying to a comment did not work when the Dynamic CSS was disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where clicking the favorite icon in the Theme Builder modal would exit the library.
  • Fixed a small typo on the Support Center page.

version 4.24.3 ( updated 04-02-2024 )

  • Fixed several compatibility issues with PHP 8.2.
  • Fix deprecated messages when editing existing post with Divi Layout block in WordPress 6.5.
  • Fix deprecated messages when adding new post or edit existing post in WordPress 6.5.
  • Fixed image refinement issues by correcting endpoint usage and prompt handling.
  • Added multiple upscaling and canvas limit to 8192px.