Effortlessly Organize Your WordPress Media Library with Media File Renamer Pro by Meow Apps

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Jordy Meow

The Media File Renamer Pro by Meow Apps is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to help you organize your media library effortlessly. This tool automatically renames your media filenames depending on their image titles. When files are renamed, the references to it are also updated.

Key features of Media File Renamer Pro include:

  1. Automatic Renaming: The plugin automatically renames your files based on their titles, making your media library more organized and searchable.
  2. Manual Renaming: If you prefer more control, the plugin also allows for manual renaming.
  3. Lock & Unlock: You can lock your files to prevent them from being renamed, or unlock them if you change your mind.
  4. SEO-Friendly: By using relevant file names, your images become more SEO-friendly, potentially improving your website’s search engine rankings.
  5. Reference Updating: When files are renamed, all references to those files in your posts are automatically updated, saving you from broken links.

The Media File Renamer Pro is a must-have for any WordPress site owner. The automatic renaming feature is a game-changer, saving hours of manual work. It’s also great for SEO, as search engines prefer images with descriptive filenames. The reference updating feature ensures that renaming a file won’t result in broken links, which is a common issue on many websites.

While the plugin is incredibly useful, it may be a bit overwhelming for beginners due to its numerous features and settings. Some users might also find the price point slightly high compared to other media library plugins.

In conclusion, Media File Renamer Pro is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their WordPress media library management and SEO. While it may take some time to get used to all its features, the benefits it provides in terms of time saved and improved SEO make it well worth the investment.

= 5.7.2 (2023/11/17) =

  • Add: AI suggestion now utilizes Vision for enhanced accuracy.
  • Add: New “Clean Uploads” feature for efficient media management.
  • Add: Magic Wand for Metadata Fields.
  • Update: “Auto-Attach Media” feature now allows selection of target media entries.
More detail
  • Update: Created Meow_MFRH_Engine class, consolidating renaming-related code.
  • Update: Conducted various non-code related updates for improved performance.
  • Fix: Resolved extension-related errors in thumbnails for better reliability.

= 5.7.3 (2023/11/20) =

  • Add: Sync only for selected items and mfrh_sync_media_meta filter for post modification during syncing.
  • Update: New modal for thumbnails with an “open in new tab” button, and enhanced auto-attach warning message.
  • Fix: Adjusted the default behavior of sync functionality.

= 5.7.7 (2023/12/05) =

  • Update: Enhanced UI, clarified options, unified things.
  • Add: Bulk Rename using AI Vision.
  • Add: AI Vision on Upload.
  • Add: Not Renamed filter in Dashboard.

= 5.8.1 (2024/01/20) =

  • Fix: Async upload with AI Vision.
  • Add: Import/Export Settings.

= 5.8.7 (2024/03/16) =

  • Add: AI Vision Cache for a faster and more efficient workflow.
  • Add: Reset Metadata button to remove the renamed and lock status.
  • Update: Huge improvement of the Settings, the Dashboard, and the Renamer Field.
  • Update: On Upload works much better and is more reliable.
  • Fix: Huge amount of little issues were corrected.

= 5.9.0 (2024/04/06) =

  • Update: Better error messages.
  • Fix: Issue with action_update_postmeta action.
  • Fix: Issue with Sync Fields.

= 5.9.1 (2024/04/27) =

  • Fix: Corrected metadata display issue when using AI suggest all feature.
  • Fix: Resolved potential renaming loop triggered by “On Post Save” event.
  • Update: Initialized core at “init” to ensure apply_filters functions correctly.
  • Optimization: Removed unnecessary attributes from rename response.
  • Fix: Fixed media retrieval filtering with a sub-request for improved accuracy.