eGrocer - Flutter App for Grocery & Multi Vendor Ecommerce with Admin Panel

eGrocer - Online Multi Vendor Grocery Store, eCommerce Marketplace Flutter Full App with Admin Panel 1.9.5


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eGrocer is a Flutter-based app that lets you create your own online grocery store and ecommerce marketplace where you can sell various products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, snacks, beverages, and more. With eGrocer, you can connect customers and vendors in a fast and convenient way. You can also offer various features such as delivery, payment options, ratings, and more. eGrocer comes with a complete solution that includes a customer app, a vendor app, a delivery app, and an admin panel. The customer app allows customers to browse, order, pay, and rate various products and services. The vendor app allows vendors to create, edit, and manage their listings, orders, reviews, and payouts. The delivery app allows delivery agents to accept, manage, track, and complete delivery requests. The admin panel allows you to control and monitor everything from the web. eGrocer is built with Flutter and Firebase. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is also customizable and scalable. You can change the logo, colors, icons, images, categories, products, services, prices, currencies, languages, and more. You can also integrate various features such as Google Maps, Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, Paytm, Twilio, OneSignal, and more. eGrocer is the ultimate solution for creating an online grocery store and ecommerce marketplace with a Flutter app. It will help you launch your own online business in no time and earn money from commissions or subscriptions.

Version 1.9.2

( 09 Aug 2023 )

  • [Added] Order filter option with active and previous order type (App & Website) + [Added] Added FCM Notification Functionality (Website) + [Added] Image placeholder (Website) + [Improved] Manage products in Seller panel + [Improved] Cash collection in Delivery boy section + [Improved] Cart total & promocode issue when item cancel in order + [Improved] User role (Admin, Seller, Delivery Boy) login + [Improved] Featured section in admin panel + [Improved] Optimised code and enhanced performance for faster operation (Website) + [Improved] Show full-page dialog for internet/API issues instead of toast messages (App) + [Fixed] Cart, Checkout ,Order detail, Invoice detail calculation issue solved

Version 1.9.4 - 20 Sep 2023

◦ Added Brand wise sale feature on both the website and app
◦ Added Options to toggle Brand Wise Sale visibility and set the number of items displayed in the Admin panel
◦ Added Options to show/hide categories and specify the number of items to display in the Admin panel
◦ Improved Automatically hide time slots that have passed today’s time
◦ Improved Enhance the phone input option during the login process on the website
◦ Fixed Addressed various improvements and fixes across the platform

Version 1.9.5

( 1 Nov 2023 )

  • [Improvement] Input validations (Admin panel)
More detail
  • [Improvement] Promo code validations (Admin panel, website, app)
  • [Improvement] In order page address validations (Admin panel, website, app)
  • [Improvement] Library updated (Website)
  • [Improvement] Security enhancements (Website)
  • [Improvement] User interface enhancements (Website)
  • [Improvement] Page loading performance (Website)
  • [Improvement] Checkout page validations (App)
  • [Improvement] App theme (App)
  • [Improvement] App fully compatible with iOS 17
  • [Fixes] Address various other improvements and fixes across the platform