Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel

Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App plus Admin Panel 2.1.1 NULLED



Elite Quiz is a Trivia Quiz app made with Flutter. It comes with more premium features, an advanced coding style, a new design, more security, and is easier to build. The app has an Android demo, iOS demo, and admin panel. Elite Quiz is made with key principles of a beautiful, effective, and simple-to-use UI design + Lottie animation, Shimmer effect & material component theme. The main quiz features multiple-choice questions with categories, subcategories, and levels. Users can use lifelines like 50/50, skip, audience poll, and reset time to help them answer questions and progress through the quiz. Elite Quiz also has other quiz formats such as Contest Quiz which involves answering a set of questions to test knowledge or skills with prizes or recognition awarded to winners. Group Battle in this quiz allows four players to join and play together by paying a fee. They can use predefined messages to chat and the goal is to answer questions correctly to score points and win the game. 1 vs 1 Battle allows users to compete against others to earn coins that can be converted into cash. It offers two types of battlesRandom and Play with Friends. Daily Quiz helps users get more engaged with customers on a daily basis. Elite Quiz also has other features such as Fun ‘N’ Learn which is a kind of comprehension that refers to your ability to understand something or your actual understanding of something within a short time period. Guess Word is a fun vocabulary game this is a great way to practice reading, Spelling, and reviewing vocabulary all at the same time. Audio Quiz participants listen to audio clips and answer questions based on what they hear covering various topics. Math Mania is a math quiz with LaTeX-based questions. It tests participants’ knowledge of concepts such as algebra, calculus, and geometry. True | False is a fast-paced True/False quiz format using YES/NO questions to test knowledge. Fun and engaging for exploring new topics or reinforcing existing knowledge. Exam Quiz tests your knowledge with Exam Quiz. Enter using an exam key and answer questions within a set time limit. Great for academic preparation. Self-Challenge is a customizable quiz format that allows participants to choose a category, subcategory, number of questions, and time limit. Tailor it to specific interests and abilities.