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eShop is a powerful eCommerce app that offers a single vendor solution for businesses. With eShop, you can easily manage your online store with a single code base. The app is built with Flutter, which means it’s fast, reliable, and easy to use. eShop is compatible with Flutter 3.x and has recently been updated to version 4.0.5.

Some of the key features of eShop include a notification service without login, driving license for delivery boys, and an upgraded JWT token authentication system. The app also supports social login with Google and Apple, and has an improved order return flow. The admin panel template has been updated, and the project is compatible with Flutter 3.10.

eShop also offers a range of other features such as flash sale notifications, deprecated package updates, and a promo code for specific users. The app has been designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate.


( updated on 27 Aug 2023 )

  • [Added] New Theme called “Modern” for frontend
  • [Improved] Improvements & Bug fixes

Version 4.0.6

( updated on 16 Oct 2023 )

  • [Added] Instamojo Payment Gateway.
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  • [Upgraded] Enhanced address functionality, allowing customers to add areas manually instead of predefined options.
  • [Upgraded] Improved the delivery charge calculation by considering zip codes instead of areas.
  • [Improved] Improvements & Bug fixes

Version 4.1.0 Updates:

( updated on 09 Feb 2024 )

[Added] Chat feature in customer app for direct communication with admin and system users
[Added] Enhanced user experience by showcasing brands on the home screen, providing brand-wise product listing
[Added] Introduced WhatsApp ordering, enabling convenient product purchases via the popular messaging platform
[Added] Streamlined re-ordering in the customer app, facilitating one-tap placement of old order items
[Added] Integrated PhonePe payment gateway, broadening payment options in the customer app’s wallet
[Improved] Addressed and resolved security measures for PhonePe functionality during ordering, ensuring a more secure transaction environment
[Improved] App stability and compatibility by fixing issues and updating packages for the latest Flutter version in both the application codes