Exertio: Premium Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme for Full-Featured Websites

Exertio - Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme 1.2.8


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Exertio is a premium WordPress theme designed to create a full-featured freelance marketplace website. With its modern design and extensive functionality, Exertio allows you to kick-start your freelancing marketplace website with ease. It offers a seamless process from purchasing the theme, installing it, connecting people, to getting commissions.

Key Features:

Commission System: Exertio includes a commission system, allowing the admin to control commission from the back end. Get a fixed percentage on any job that has been completed.
2. Wallet System: Users can have a virtual wallet on the website. They can add balance into their wallet to perform featured activities.
3. Packages and Micro Earnings: Allow users to purchase packages to post listings or allow free posting. You can charge your customers to have their bids noticeable to employers.
4. Dashboard Notifications: All transactions are recorded and shown on the dashboard. Freelancer and Employers will have their own dashboards.
5. Identity Verification: To get a green tick on the account, users need to provide their documents and admin can view and verify the accounts.
6. Social Media Logins: Exertio supports social media logins like Facebook and Google, making it easier for users to register and login.

With Exertio, you can build a successful WordPress marketplace solution that caters to freelancers and employers alike. It’s not just a theme, it’s a complete solution for your freelancing marketplace website.