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Exicube Delivery App 4.1.0


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Exicube Delivery App is a Native-Web App Template that provides map-based pickup and delivery selection. It has standard pricing delivery estimate delivery agent chat and call security features pickup and delivery photos wallet and cash payments. Card payments and many more. The app is available on CodeCanyon and has garnered over 339 sales1. The app is built using React Native with Node Js 16 so it runs natively, fast and smooth1. The app supports Expo SDK 48 and Firebase 9.17.21. It also supports Wallet Fund addition and Withdrawal with Razorpay Gateway Added

v3.5.0 (18 Sep 2023)

  • Expo SDK 49
  • Authentication Methods made Optional
  • Google Login added
More detail
  • Facebook Login removed
  • Documentation updated
  • Many Performance fixes

v4.0.0 (13 Dec 2023)

  • App UI Change
  • Admin UI Change
  • Complaint App Page
  • Type Custom Issued Promo Code
More detail
  • Driver Rating Comments
  • More details in Driver Income Screen
  • Custom Provider for sending OTP SMS
  • Twillio API OTP Sending
  • Fleet Admin Commission
  • Threshold setting for Driver negative balance
  • SOS Page added to Admin
  • Mobile Money added for Paystack
  • Node.js upgraded to 18 in sync to Eas Build Servers
  • Firebase version 10.6
  • SafetyNet API Removed
  • Ability to remove Recaptcha
  • Signup added back to Web
  • Playtstore AD_ID issue fixed
  • Multiple Drop address adding for Delivery

v4.1.0 (27 March 2024)

  • Expo SDK 50
  • Payment Gateway Settings in Admin
  • Booking for Other Person Modyfied
  • Paymongo Gateway Added
  • Optional Bidding workflows
  • Choose between System & Bid Price
  • Push Notification use FCM v1 Api