Eye VPN Lite: Secure and Fast Flutter VPN Application with Web Admin Panel

EYE VPN Lite - Flutter VPN Application With Web Admin Panel v1.0


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Eye VPN Lite is a cutting-edge, secure, and fast VPN application built with Flutter. It’s designed to provide you with a seamless internet browsing experience. This lightweight VPN application ensures your online privacy and security, all while maintaining high-speed connectivity.


Secure Browsing: Eye VPN Lite encrypts your internet connection, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure.
2. Fast Connectivity: Experience high-speed internet connectivity with our optimized servers located worldwide.
3. Built with Flutter: Developed using Flutter, Eye VPN Lite offers a smooth and responsive user interface.
4. Easy to Use: With its intuitive design, Eye VPN Lite is easy to use. Connect to a VPN server with just a single tap.
5. Web Admin Panel: Manage your VPN service with ease using the included web admin panel.