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Fancy Product Designer | WooCommerce WordPress Plugin 6.1.7



Fancy Product Designer is a powerful WooCommerce WordPress plugin allowing customers to design various products. Developed by radykal with over 15000 sales, it offers a product configurator and designer for customizing products like T-shirts, mugs, business cards, phone cases, and more. Based on HTML5 and jQuery, it supports multiple formats and is compatible with WooCommerce 7.x.x, WooCommerce 6.x.x, WPML, and WordPress versions 4.9.x to 6.2.x.


  • Bug: Option “Customize Button: Variation Needed” stopped working.
  • JS code split into separate JS files
  • New option “Custom Text As Textbox”: Add custom text as textbox (the max. width can be adjusted by side controls)
  • Adding a custom text (textbox), curved options were not available
  • When “Fit Images into Canvas” is enabled, clicking undo resets the size of an image
  • Element title in text-layers module added
  • Label added for done button in modal mode
  • babel plugin added so older safari versions are support (private class methods)
  • Polyfill rect method for roundRect method in CanvasRenderingContext2D added


  • Bug: Designs not loaded when product is empty
  • Bug: Fill not applied when filter is set to none
  • Bug: Shortcode module “Add Text” not working
  • Improvement: Set more than 2 actions for actions wrapper in center
  • New: QR-Code action

v6.0.10 Updates:

  • Bug: Position wrong for guided tour when window is scrolled
  • Bug: widthFontSize property not working when editing text on canvas
  • Bug: Patterns not showing up when color picker is enabled for text
More detail
  • Bug: strokeColors for text not working
  • Bug: Scaling Mask in Product Builder did not show the correct clip path
  • New: Price per CM2 for Dynamic Views added to IPS
  • New: Create a real neon-text effect in the product builder


New: Icon for views grid added in views nav
New: Close button for element toolbar on large screen when using sidebar layout
Bug: getUsecColors returns the wrong amount of colors
Bug: addEvents not working properly for window
Bug: Effect filter is not applied to png images

Bug: Action shortcodes not working

Bug: When HPOS in WooCommerce is enabled the order is missing when exporting print file
New: Back label added for sub-panel in toolbar
Improvement: Shorten text length for cart item meta title with CSS
Improvement: Define target elements for “Elements Lenghh” property in Pricing Rules