Flexible Payment Plans with WooCommerce Deposits - Empower Your Customers with Customizable Deposit Options

WooCommerce Deposits 2.2.3


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Introducing the WooCommerce Deposits Plugin, a flexible and customizable solution that empowers your customers with the ability to make deposit payments. This plugin is perfect for businesses that require a deposit or partial payments, offering a more manageable payment method for your customers.

With WooCommerce Deposits, your customers can place a deposit or choose a payment plan for products you specify. This can be particularly useful for expensive items or services, where customers might not be able to, or prefer not to, pay the full amount upfront.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Payment Plans: Allow your customers to pay in installments that suit their budget. You can set fixed price or percentage deposits on products.

  2. Customizable Deposit Options: You have the power to control how the deposit system works. Choose which products require a deposit and determine the deposit amount.

  3. Partial Payments: Customers have the option to make partial payments over time, improving affordability and increasing sales.

  4. Easy Checkout Process: Customers can pay a deposit in lieu of the full amount during the checkout process, making it a smooth and easy transaction.

  5. Compatible with WooCommerce Bookings: Perfect for rental, booking businesses and more.

The WooCommerce Deposits Plugin is an essential tool for any online store looking to offer flexible payment options. Boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction with this versatile plugin.

2023-10-23 - version 2.2.1

  • Dev - Bump WooCommerce “tested up to” version 8.1.
  • Dev - Bump WooCommerce minimum supported version to 7.9.
  • Dev - Added critical flows end-to-end tests.
  • Dev - Bump woocommerce-sniffs to 1.0.0.

2023-11-20 - version 2.2.3

  • Dev - Bump WooCommerce “tested up to” version 8.3.
  • Dev - Bump WooCommerce minimum supported version to 8.1.
  • Dev - Bump WordPress “tested up to” version 6.4.
  • Dev - Update default behavior to use a block-based cart and checkout in E2E tests.