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Fluent Forms Pro Add-On is the fastest and most powerful WordPress form plugin. It has 70+ pre-built templates and a compelling UI that makes form creation fun and playful. With its highly customizable drag and drop fields, HubSpot integration, multi-step forms, and unique built-in visual data representation, Fluent Forms has it all. Some of its incredible features include ready input fields, drag & drop form builder, pre-built form templates, calculated fields, visual data reporting, step forms, multi-column form layout, conditional logic, and file & image upload. Fluent Forms is fully compatible with all WordPress page builders and has a powerful list of additional integrations including AWeber, Dropbox, and 4000+ other integrations via Zapier. Upgrade to Fluent Forms Pro Add-On today to enjoy all the awesome premium features!

= 5.0.9 (Date: September 8, 2023) =

  • Added selected fields export from entries page with additional fields
  • Updated support PHP 8.2
  • Fixes save form state issue

= 5.0.10 (Date: October 18, 2023) =

  • Adds form preview in Gutenberg block
  • Adds form theme change support in Gutenberg block
  • Adds theme style inherit option
  • Fixed Form finder

= 5.1.0 (Date: November 1, 2023) =

  • Adds Notion Integration
  • Adds Personality Type Quiz
  • Adds success and failure message option for coupon
More detail
  • Adds form submission restriction based on IP and Country
  • Fixes dynamic default value of single payment item
  • Fixes Conditional shortcode empty condition
  • Fixes unique email checking for pending payment
  • Fixes file/image on step form partial entry view & front end
  • Fixes PHP 8+ issue for quiz advanced scoring
  • Fixes CleverReach endpoint
  • Fixes displaying password in partial entries
  • Improves ACF Support (checkbox, multi-select, ACF image for user registration and update)

= 5.1.5 (Date: November 23, 2023) =

  • Fixes Notion multi select

= 5.1.6 (Date: December 2, 2023) =

  • Fixes Paypal custom payment issue
  • Fixes personality quiz conversational issue

= 5.1.10 (Date: February 26, 2024) =

  • Adds Range slider support for quantity Field
  • Fixes PayPal payment IPN issue
  • Fixes payment summery shortcode on email
  • Fixes quiz advanced condition mismatch
More detail
  • Fixes Quiz Result shortcode {quiz_result} in PDF
  • Fixes payment debug log info
  • Improves Airtable Phone Field with validation
  • Improves Admin Approval to support User registration Integration
  • Adds (.wav) file support