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Flutter Wallpaper Pro 20m+ Images - Android & Ios - 2 May 2023



Flutter Wallpaper Pro is a wallpaper app for Android and iOS devices that provides access to over 20 million wallpapers from 3 free servers. The app is developed by kingitlimited and is available on CodeCanyon. With Flutter Wallpaper Pro, you can launch your own wallpaper app startup without the need to upload photos or buy a server, as it is based on free servers (Unsplash, Pixel, Pixabay) with a CC0 license.

Some of the key features of Flutter Wallpaper Pro include:

  • Wallpaper showcase in slider
  • Dashboard for category-wise wallpaper
  • User can search wallpapers easily by tag
  • Freeware Wallpapers
  • Explore 20 million+ photos
  • Maintenance-free app
  • Developer-friendly for customization
  • Set as Home Screen wallpaper
  • Set as Lock Screen wallpaper
  • HD image
  • Image preview
  • Image size as large, medium, and high quality

The app has been updated several times since its release, with the latest update being on May 2, 2023. The updates have included the addition of Google ads, support for Flutter 3.0, and changes to the drawer, among other things. Flutter Wallpaper Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking to launch their own wallpaper app startup or for personal use. It offers a pixel-perfect and elegant design with lots of animations, super-fast loading and great performance, and excellent support from the developer.