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Introducing Foxiz, a powerful news and magazine WordPress theme by Theme-Ruby. This theme is designed to revolutionize your news magazine or blog. Foxiz is a mobile-first website builder WordPress theme that lets you create your dream website with over 1000+ customizable options.

The theme is modern and multi-purpose, catering to a variety of interests such as technology, mobile phone reviews, software, fashion, celebrity clothing, food, vegetarian recipes, cooking, beauty, makeup, skin care, hair care, yoga, business finance, politics, economic subscription membership paywall.

Foxiz supports Elementor, dark mode, AMP, RTL and multiple languages. It is fully GDPR compliant and SEO-friendly with features like site links search box and breadcrumbs bar. The theme is also compatible with popular SEO plugins to enhance your website’s visibility and ranking.

With Foxiz, you can ensure your website is primed to perform at its best and provide an optimal user experience. It delivers lightning-fast and lightweight performance making it the ultimate solution for mobile and full responsiveness.

Version: 2.1.2

  • Support align wide image and gallery
  • Add max width setting for wide image and gallery
  • Add new dark mode setting: based on the user’s browser without switching modes
More detail
  • Add new style settings for newsletter 1 block
  • Add new style settings for newsletter 2 block
  • Add Google News social
  • Add single entry meta setting for each post type, allowing you to control which custom taxonomies are displayed.
  • Support custom post types in the live ajax search
  • Add product per page settings for product category
  • Combine cart button layout and box style together for easy understanding and setup
  • Add text color scheme for the product list, allowing you to set a dark abstract background in the light mode.
  • Add more style settings for the add to cart button in the product block
  • Add a new setting to disable the AJAX load next if it is a bot or crawler
  • New music magazine demo
  • New kids demo
  • New photography demo
  • Improve teaser image to support external images
  • Improve and change entry meta of live search to updated post info
  • Improve border hover settings for the call to action block
  • Improve default theme options params when Foxiz Core is disabled
  • Remove shop settings to speed up theme options if the plugin isn’t active
  • Improve demo importer
  • Move product typo setting into Typography setting panel for easy finding
  • Fix shop posts per page not working in the latest version of WooCommerce plugin
  • Optimize WooCommerce CSS to make it lighter
  • Improve the automatic positioning of inline related content, table content, and inline advertisements, preventing incorrect placement within other Gutenberg blocks containing p tags.
  • Improve automatically disabling inline related content if it is added manually via shortcode or Gutenberg block
  • Can set TOC at the top of content via the value “0” in the position.
  • Optimize dark mode, support new setting to move a small detection code of dark mode after the body (Theme Options > Dark Mode > Preventing Dark Mode Flickering), can prevent flicker even when using local storage mode
  • Optimize personalize system code to make it more compatible with old database versions
  • To improve the ‘Show Updated Date on Google Search,’ switch to using Hook. Now, your published date entry will display normally if you enable it with the fake(updated) value.
  • Improve the ability to make a sidebar sticky using ‘rb-sticky’ classname in the new Elementor container system
  • Add many other improvements and minor bug fixes.

Version 2.1.4 – 2 Nov 2023

Added the TV & Movies news demo.
Added a new blog resume (without a featured image) demo.
Added new features for the quick links block, allowing automatic selection of top categories, tags and any taxonomies (based on total posts).

More detail

Added more style settings for the quick links block.
Added and improved the overall single meta block for easier setup.
Added new image ratio and other settings for the post featured image block.
Added internal links for the affiliate product list and affiliate product Gutenberg blocks.
Added more popular review filters, including options for 3 days, a week, a month, and a year for all blocks.
Added Jetpack filter support for all blocks.
Added additional style settings for the mini cart header.
Added background setting for each mega menu item in ‘Appearance > Menu’
Added disable archive and tag title prefix setting.
Enhanced the styling for the live search block.
Improved color settings for the header dropdown block, including search, notification, and mini cart.
Improved the header panels settings.
Optimized the CSS code to make it lighter.
Removed meta post type settings for products to avoid confusion.
Improved print CSS.
Fixed an issue with the inline related and TOC not appearing in a post edited with Elementor in version 1.2.2 due to the absence of root P tags.
Fixed the white text issue in the header dropdown in some cases with default headers.
Fixed the avatar issue in the comment box in review mode.
Fixed the YouTube playlist block issue on mobile with the new Elementor (grid container) and added max height settings for the playlist video.
Numerous other improvements and enhancements.

Version 2.1.5 – 20 Nov 2023

Improved the image attribute, lazyload for Gutenberg product and products list blocks.
Improved reading time calculation for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages.
Improved icon font preload.

More detail

Fixed the ‘time ago’ information when the site includes local time (GMT) setting.
General improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.2.2 – 8 Jan 2024

Improved live blogging minimum Refresh Interval into 30s.
Fixed display timestamp offset issue in event date meta.

Version 2.2.4 – 11 Feb 2024

Improved removed the native share icon on unsupported browsers, such as Firefox (desktop)
Updated Google fonts
Fixed Twitter embeds were not displaying when the live was refreshed in live blogging posts.
Fixed issue where single content text was overflowing on mobile devices in version 2.2.3 in some scenarios.
Other improvements and bug fixes.