Idea Hub Module for Perfex CRM: Innovate and Solve Challenges

Idea Hub v1.1 - module for Perfex CRM



The Idea Hub module for Perfex CRM is a unique platform designed to foster innovation and problem-solving. This module allows both staff and customers to submit new ideas and challenges, paving the way for creative solutions.

The Idea Hub is composed of two main components: Ideas and Challenges. Ideas can have specific comments, descriptions, cover images or videos, attached files, business impact assessments, goal descriptions, additional information, status updates (active, inactive, on-hold, in process, review, approved), and stages (initial, under discussion, final, discover). Ideas can be shared publicly, privately or with selected Perfex Customers.

Challenges can be categorized as per business requirements (e.g., IT design, Mobile application development) and can have a description, title, cover image and deadline for resolution. Challenges can be represented in status i.e. Active, Inactive and Archive.

The Idea Hub module sets the company on a customer-centered thinking path. It helps to keep in touch with the client as long as possible, entertain him and build long-lasting relationships. It also increases user loyalty and engagement by allowing the company to introduce modifications to its product based on user feedback. The Idea Portal provides the organization with a great tool for similar opportunities – giving the client exactly what they need may be the path to widespread success.