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Introducing Impreza, a retina-ready, responsive WordPress theme that is the ultimate solution for your creative and professional website needs. This theme is perfect for businesses, freelancers, and agencies looking to elevate their online presence.

Impreza offers a plethora of features designed to make your website stand out. Here are some key features:

Retina Ready: With Impreza, your website will look sharp and vibrant on all devices, thanks to its retina-ready capabilities.

Responsive Design: This theme automatically adjusts to fit any screen size, ensuring your website looks great on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

WooCommerce Integration: Impreza seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on WordPress. This allows you to easily set up an online store on your website.

Customizable Layouts: With Impreza, you can easily customize your website’s layout to suit your needs. Whether you want a one-page website or a multi-page site, Impreza has got you covered.

SEO Optimized: This theme is designed with SEO in mind to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

  1. Professional Look and Feel: Impreza’s sleek design and professional look will surely impress your visitors and potential clients.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a WordPress theme that is versatile, easy-to-use, and professional-looking, then Impreza is the perfect choice for you.

Version 8.18.3 — September 22, 2023 #

  • IMPROVED Theme Options – turned back the ability to edit Site Layout and Typography settings in the admin area. Live customization is only available when the “Live Builder” switch is enabled
  • FIXED bug when custom post types couldn’t be edited via the Live Builder after the updating to 8.18.2
  • FIXED bug when an incorrect “Additional Google Fonts” value could break a website styling
  • FIXED case when typography fonts aren’t available for selection after the updating to 8.18
  • FIXED PHP warnings after the updating to 8.18 in some cases

Version 8.19 — October 30, 2023

ADDED new Gallery element – now you can easily create simple image galleries without complex Grid interface. Check the example
ADDED new Term List element – allows you easily create a list of terms based on Grid settings, but with more new abilities:
show terms of the current post (like the Post Taxonomy element)
show terms based on their custom fields

More detail

show terms except selected
exclude the current term
and many other combinations which can’t be possible via the Grid element
IMPROVED Button element – added the ability to select a text dynamic value for the Button Label (this ability will be implemented for more elements and options in future releases)
IMPROVED Order Details element – added the “Actions for plugins compatibility” value used for compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
IMPROVED Design > Background settings – added the Background Blend Mode option allowing to create creative backgrounds
IMPROVED WordPress Login page – the logo uses the homepage URL instead of “” if a custom icon is set
IMPROVED timing of appearance animations – check example 1, example 2, example 3
UPDATED Google Fonts list
UPDATED languages files
FIXED bug when the responsive “Horizontal Alignment” of Wrapper elements isn’t working for Grid Layouts
FIXED incorrect page title and URL inside an email message when the Contact Form is on archive pages
FIXED cases when Live Builder shows incorrect columns layout which is set via the WPBakery Builder
FIXED bug when the Image element with a link in a header uses the unchangeable “Link” aria-label
FIXED bug when videos with autoplay enabled start playing after closing the popup window
FIXED case when WPBakery allows to add the Inner Row inside other Inner Row element
FIXED work of search inside the “Manually selected items” option of the Grid element
FIXED case when the Live Builder cannot correctly save text values with quotes
FIXED case when the Counter element doesn’t show its “count” animation
FIXED incorrect preview of Google fonts in the Setup Wizard in Safari
FIXED image editing inside the Media library opened in Live Builder
FIXED several possible PHP errors with incorrect content
FIXED bug when Social Links can’t be visible in a Footer
FIXED several compatibility issues with WPML
FIXED incorrect Grid Layout duplication
FIXED some minor issues

Version 8.20 — December 4, 2023

ADDED new Scrolling Effects settings – now you can add the vertical shift / parallax to elements, so they will be shifted during a page scroll. Read more in the documentation.
ADDED new Product List element – allows you easily create a list of products based on Grid settings, but with more flexible abilities:
show products based on their taxonomies with complex combinations (e.g. products from the “Clothes” category with “Black” and “White” colors and the “Small” size only)
show products based on their price

More detail

show products based on their custom fields
show products except manually selected
and many other combinations which can’t be possible via the Grid element
ADDED new Checkout Page Login element – adds a login ability for visitors during checkout, when it uses custom theme elements
ADDED new Custom HTML Attributes settings – now you can add custom HTML attributes to every theme element
IMPROVED Gallery element:
added ability to show images from custom fields
added settings for “load more” pagination
IMPROVED Popup element:
added Popup Layout option with Full Screen, Left Panel, Right Panel values
added new opening animations
IMPROVED interface of selecting terms in Grid/Listing, Carousel, Gallery, Term List, Product List elements:
now the first click always show the first 20 values
now values depend on selected taxonomy
now values are sorted alphabetically
now search uses the built-in WordPress function to avoid incorrect results, (search by one letter works)
IMPROVED Archives Layout settings – now you can customize the layout for archives of custom post types separately
IMPROVED Display Logic settings – added “Has a value” and “Doesn’t have a value” operators for custom field conditions
IMPROVED Dynamic Values Selection – added the “Select Dynamic Value” popup for more “text” fields of theme elements
UPDATED Google Fonts list
UPDATED languages files
FIXED bug when the Video Player would not play videos with an Image Overlay and GDPR compliance enabled
FIXED bug when the Reusable Block in the menu dropdown was cut off by the bottom screen edge
FIXED columns preview in the Live Builder when the “Columns Layout via CSS Grid” option is OFF
FIXED bugs when some settings can’t be selected with the latest WPBakery Builder version
FIXED case of invalid HTML tags in the Post Custom Field element
FIXED minor compatibilty issues with PHP 8.2
FIXED some minor issues

Version 8.21 — January 24, 2024

ADDED new User List element – allows you create a list of registered website users with customized appearance:
Grid Layout builder now includes User Data and User Picture elements
added 4 user templates for the Grid Layout
ADDED dynamic values for Images selection in all elements – now you can select a dynamic value including the Image and Gallery ACF types

More detail

IMPROVED Grid/Listing element – added option to select post types when the “Items with the same taxonomy of the current post” is selected
IMPROVED Scrolling Effects settings – added Horizontal Shift and Transparency effects
IMPROVED Setup Wizard – now it has a more convenient and colorful interface
IMPROVED Live Builder – added ability to copy/paste all elements
IMPROVED Dynamic Values Selection:
all dynamic values now grouped by global, post data, term data, user data, and ACF groupes for better UX
added the “Homepage” global value for link settings
added the “Site Title” global value for text settings
added the “Site Icon” global value for image settings
IMPROVED Row Video Background:
now it automatically plays on mobiles, if visible
now you can select the URL and oEmbed ACF types as a dynamic value
IMPROVED Video Playerelement:
now it is available in the Grid Layout builder, so you can create grids/lists with videos
now you can select the URL and oEmbed ACF types as a dynamic value
now you can select a dynamic value for the Overlay Image
IMPROVED Display Logic settings – now they are available for ALL theme elements
IMPROVED interface – the “Custom appearance in Grid” is renamed to the “Additional Settings”
UPDATED Google Fonts list
UPDATED languages files
FIXED cases when the Text element didn’t support the following HTML tags:
, , , , , , ,
FIXED case when the Setup Wizard could not install some pre-built websites with slow internet connections
FIXED bug when the “Edit selected” link was not shown for the selected Grid Layout in the Grid inrterface
FIXED bug when the Custom Columns Layout doesn’t create columns in the Live Builder preview
FIXED incorrect order and quantity of manually selected items in the Grid inrterface
FIXED bug when the “No results found” message was not shown on archive pages
FIXED bug when selected user roles were not shown in the Display Logic settings
FIXED bug when the Contact Form sents incorrect page title from archive pages
FIXED issue when the WPBakery AI icon was not shown for relevant text fields
FIXED bug when the Separator element shows empty responsive settings
FIXED visual issues in the interface of some settings on the RTL website
FIXED conflict of WooCommerce 8.5 shop notices style with theme style
FIXED incorrect position of backgrounds with vertical parallax on iPads
FIXED bug when Video Player shows controls disregarding its settings
FIXED support of Filebird 6+ version
FIXED some minor issues