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Independent Analytics

Independent Analytics is a GDPR-friendly website analytics plugin made exclusively for WordPress. It is a free plugin that doesn’t require you to create an account on another site. The plugin has an analytics dashboard inside your WP admin that shows your most popular posts and pages, lists your top traffic sources, and geodata with an interactive world map. It has virtually zero performance impact and is GDPR compliant out-of-box. Independent Analytics is different from Google Analytics and other analytics WordPress plugins. Other tools show you a list of URLs alongside their metrics. Independent Analytics can show you the title of every page, the page type, the author, the publication date, the categories, and more, all alongside metrics like Views and Visitors. We call it a page-based analytics tool. No more copy & pasting tracking codes. Just install the plugin, and tracking starts right away. You don’t need to mess with any tracking codes, edit your site’s head element, or create an account elsewhere.

= 2.3.2 - April 1st, 2024 =

  • Fix: Fixed an issue with average session duration being over-inflated
  • Fix: Fixed max_connection error

= 2.4.2 - April 17th, 2024 =

  • Fix: Custom post type menu bug
  • Fix: Device data cache bug