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LaraClassifier: The Ultimate Classified Ads Web Application

Experience the power of LaraClassifier, the leading classified ads web application available. This open-source and modular platform offers a fully responsive design and an extensive range of features.

Key Features:

Custom Fields: Create various classified ad websites, including auto deals, real estate, directories, and jobs portals.
REST API: Built on a robust and efficient RESTful API architecture.
Clean and Modern Design: Enjoy a visually appealing interface that enhances user experience.
Fully Responsive: Seamlessly adapt to different devices, including the admin panel.
PHP/MySQL & HTML5/CSS3: Built with industry-standard technologies for stability and performance.
Frameworks: Utilizes Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, and VueJS for enhanced functionality.
Geo Location Support: Integrated with Maxmind’s free or pro database for precise location-based services.
Multi Currencies: Facilitates transactions in multiple currencies.
RTL Direction Support: Accommodates right-to-left language scripts.
Multiple Languages: Choose from a wide range of available languages.
Unlimited Colors: Customize the appearance of your website with unlimited color options.
Homepage Customization: Easily modify and arrange home sections from the admin panel.
Users, Roles, and Permissions System: Advanced ACL integration for managing user access and roles.
PayPal Integration: Seamless integration with PayPal for secure transactions.
Google Adsense Integration: Monetize your platform with Google Adsense.
Google Maps Integration: Incorporate Google Maps for location visualization.
Twilio and Nexmo APIs Integration: Enable SMS functionality using Twilio or Nexmo API.
Facebook Comment Integration: Allow users to engage with Facebook comments.
ReCaptcha Integration: Enhance security with integrated reCaptcha support.
Ads Activation Options: Control the activation process for ads.
User Account Activation Options: Choose how user accounts are activated.
Guest Posting: Enable guest users to post ads without requiring registration.
Email and SMS Notifications: Utilize email and SMS notifications for important events.
Mail and SMS Verification: Boost user verification with resend options.
Messaging System: Enable communication between sellers and buyers.
CMS for Static Pages: Create static pages like About Us, FAQ, Terms & Privacy, etc.
Contact Page: Includes a contact form and Google Maps integration.
Website Sitemap and Google XML Sitemap: Optimize website indexing for search engines.
RSS Feeds Generator: Generate RSS feeds for content syndication.
List of Countries Page: SEO-friendly page listing available countries.
SEO Optimized: Built with SEO best practices for improved visibility.
Unlock the potential of LaraClassifier and create a thriving classified ads platform. Benefit from its comprehensive features, seamless integration, and optimized performance. Supercharge your online marketplace today.

Version 13.0.0 Jun 27, 2023

From the v13.0.0, the script requires PHP 8.1 or higher (also for PHP-cli for the cron-job).
For those who have add new files or custom codes or have make changes in the app/Http/Controllers/ folder,
this update contains some breaking changes. So we strongly recommend to save your works before starting this upgrade.
Make sure you have upgraded your installed plugins (by replacing the plugins’ files also).
Laravel 10.x support added.
New option added, to allow admin to decide how premium listings will be displayed in search results.
New option to make the listings price field mandatory added.
New directory architecture for all the web controllers (install, admin, and public).
Minor improvements.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 14.0.0


  • Du to version compatibility, some plugins could be backup in the /storage/framework/cache/plugins.backup/ folder,
    and you have to upload their new version’s files. Once the plugins new version uploaded, you can remove their backup.
  • For those who have add new files or custom codes or have make changes in the code,
    this update contains some breaking changes. So we strongly recommend to save your works before starting this upgrade.
More detail
  • Option to limit the number of listings per user.
  • Subscription feature for users accounts added.
  • Multiple payments (for promotion or subscription) support for a payable (listing or account).
  • Packages now expire automatically following a start and end date.
  • User’s photo updating improved. And a browse button added in addition to the drag’n’drop zone.
  • Bugfix: Unwanted AJAX request on all pages removed.
    Twice requests are no longer sent for each page, that solve an historic performance issue.
  • Many code improvements.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Composer update.
  • Some JavaScript libraries updated.


LaraClassifier - Changelog

Version 14.0.3 Oct 12, 2023
Bugfix: IP addresses saving from client instead of from API.
Bugfix: Google social login link fixed.
Bugfix: Payment gateways logos display in footer fixed.
Bugfix: Loading… effect in the Admin panel lists fixed.
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor improvements.

Version 14.2.0 Nov 17, 2023

Bugfix: Package & package type selection (when the APP_HTTP_CLIENT= variable in the /.env is not curl).
Bugfix: 404 error during listing creation (when the APP_HTTP_CLIENT= variable in the /.env is not curl).
Localization & Geo location settings improved.
Minor bugs fixed.

More detail

Minor improvements.

Version 15.0.0 May 18, 2024

From the v15.0.0, the script requires PHP 8.2 or higher (also for PHP-cli for the cron-job).
The cURL PHP extension version 7.34.0 or higher is also required.
Make sure you have upgraded your installed plugins (by replacing the plugins’ files also).

More detail

Laravel 11.x support added.
MailerSend support added (as new mail sending driver).
Admin panel: Option to manage items per page & limit added. Available in the Admin panel → Settings → General → Pagination.
Admin panel: Option to manage the social media links in the footer added.
Admin panel: Option to manage the social media share icons added (Support for more social media added).
Dark mode theme added (Can be set in users area when admin user enables the option).
Allow to set a logo for light mode and another for dark mode. The main logo will be used as fallback for both modes.
Admin panel: Options to manage the admin panel charts entries limits added (to manage memory usage).
Upgrades: All SQL files converted in Laravel migrations.
Laravel-Mix updated.
Bootstrap framework updated.
Font Awesome Free updated from v5.15.4 to v6.5.2
Bootstrap Icons updated from v1.9.1 to v1.11.3
Social media icons improved (Including new X (Twitter) icon).
Exceptions handler improved (and removal of all the dd() function calls in production).
The “Detect Ads Blocker” plugin assets (css & js) files links fixed.
Bugs fixed.