Laravel Nova - Beautifully-designed administration panel for Laravel

Laravel Nova - a beautifully-designed administration panel for Laravel 4.33.2 NULLED

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Laravel team

Nova is a sleek admin panel for Laravel, created by the Laravel team to enhance developer productivity. It offers a comprehensive CRUD interface for Eloquent models, supporting all types of relationships. Edit pivot data effortlessly in polymorphic many-to-many relationships. Nova provides CLI generators to create custom tools using Vue components, offering endless possibilities. You can build tools tailored to your business needs or create Nova add-ons to share with others. Displaying custom metrics with graphs is a breeze in Nova, thanks to its query helpers. Furthermore, Nova seamlessly integrates with Laravel’s authorization policies, allowing resources to inherit user abilities. Fine-grained authorization support is available for relationships, tools, actions, lenses, and fields.

v4.26.3 Silver Surfer

Released Jun 30, 2023

  • Renamed an internal method.

v4.27.14 (Silver Surfer)Latest Release

Released Oct 10, 2023

  • Added new MenuItem::filter method to allow creating links to resources with filters already applied.
  • Nova now allows Badge labels to be a callback.
  • Improved the visual style of menus.
  • Fixed an issue where standalone actions wouldn’t refresh the index table.

v4.29.0 (Silver Surfer)

Released Oct 31, 2023

  • Added empty text to table metrics.
  • Added emptyText method to table metrics to allow customization of the empty text.
  • Fixed an issue preventing icons from showing in table metric rows.
  • Fixed an issue pivot actions weren’t following the current Resource class.
  • Fixed an issue where using Inertia with SSR on your main site would cause issues.

v4.31.3 (Silver Surfer)

Released Nov 15, 2023

Fixed an issue with Value metric previous value tooltips.

v4.32.12 (Silver Surfer)

Released Feb 14, 2024

Various bug fixes.

v4.33.2 (Silver Surfer)

Released Apr 03, 2024

Fix PHP deprecation errors related to rounding and dividing when using metrics.