Lead Manager Module for Perfex CRM: Streamline Your Lead Conversion Process

Lead Manager Module for Perfex CRM v1.0.6



The Lead Manager Module for Perfex CRM is a powerful tool designed to streamline your lead conversion process. Developed by Zonvoir, this module integrates with Perfex CRM to provide a comprehensive solution for managing leads.

Unlike traditional methods of manual calling and data storage, this module offers a more efficient way to manage information and communication. It uses the latest tools to connect with Perfex core leads, helping you convert leads more effectively.

Key features of the module include:

  • Email functionality: Send and receive emails directly through the module.
  • Video calls via Zoom: Schedule and conduct video calls with leads.
  • Call and SMS via Twilio: Make calls and send SMS messages using Twilio.
  • Bulk SMS and 2-way SMS: Send bulk SMS messages and engage in 2-way SMS conversations via Twilio.
  • 2-Way WhatsApp chat: Engage in 2-way WhatsApp conversations using Twilio.
  • Activity log: Keep track of all communication activities with leads.

This module requires only one account to manage all staff calls, along with call permission management for individual staff to avoid unnecessary calls. It’s a must-have tool for any business looking to optimize their lead management process.