Marketbob: The Ultimate Multi-Vendor Digital Marketplace for WordPress Templates, Plugins, PHP Scripts, and More

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Introducing Marketbob, the ultimate destination for all your digital product needs. This dynamic multi-vendor digital marketplace is designed to cater to a wide range of digital products, including WordPress templates, plugins, PHP scripts, graphics, and more.

Key Features:

Multi-Vendor Platform: Marketbob provides a comprehensive platform where authors can register, upload, and sell their digital products.
2. Wide Range of Products: From WordPress templates and plugins to PHP scripts and graphics, Marketbob hosts a vast array of digital products.
3. User-Friendly Interface: Marketbob features a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless experience for both authors and buyers.
4. Author Management: Authors can easily manage their profiles and products, ensuring a smooth selling process.
5. Admin Control: Administrators have full control over the marketplace through an intuitive admin panel.

With Marketbob, you’re not just buying a product, you’re joining a community of innovators and creators. Explore the digital marketplace today with Marketbob!

Version 1.1

[NEW] Free item option added
[NEW] Home page free items section added
[NEW] Search free items section added
[NEW] Buy Now button added

More detail

[NEW] Buyer taxes added
[NEW] Author taxes added
[NEW] Contact page added
[NEW] Refunds disabling option added
[NEW] Support tickets disabling option added

[FIX] Zip uploading problem fixed
[FIX] Category delete problem fixed
[FIX] Midtrans webhook problem fixed
[FIX] Ticket attachment upload problem fixed
[FIX] UK country badge problem fixed
[FIX] Extended license price updating problem fixed
[FIX] Adding new author from admin panel problem fixed
[FIX] Reviewer updated item problem fixed
[FIX] Admin updated item problem fixed

[UPDATE] Upload functions updated
[UPDATE] Checkout functions updated
[UPDATE] Sales functions updated
[UPDATE] Refunds functions updated

Version 1.2

[NEW] Item recently updated badge added
[FIX] Uploading files problem fixed
[FIX] User resetting password problem fixed
[FIX] Buy now button problem fixed
[FIX] Announcement problem fixed
[FIX] Checkout payment Gateway fees problem fixed