Marktify: Robust Laravel eCommerce Solution for Digital Product Marketplace

Marktify - Laravel eCommerce Digital Product Multivendor Marketplace 3.0


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Marktify is a robust Laravel eCommerce solution designed specifically for the digital product marketplace. This platform allows you to showcase and sell a wide range of digital content, including WordPress Themes, Plugins, Scripts, and more. With Marktify, you can get your store up and running within minutes, thanks to its hassle-free setup. It supports multiple languages and integrates seamlessly with popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

Multi-Vendor Platform: Marktify is a multi-vendor eCommerce platform, enabling sellers to promote their products under a single hub.
2. Flexible Business Model: You can specify your business model of vendor enrollment, either by subscribing to a recurring plan, or directly with no recurring fees.
3. Order Management: During the buyer checkout process, products at the cart will be grouped on a vendor level and an order will be created per store.
4. Commission Management: The payment will go to the site owner, and a commission percentage can be defined and be deducted from that vendor money.
5. Product & Product Variation System: Create simple products, and complex ones using variation system by attaching the product to a specific type.
6. Coupon System: Generate, validate, and purchase coupons easily during checkout.

With Marktify, you can build a thriving digital product marketplace and enjoy a steady stream of online revenue. It’s your best choice to build a multi-vendor eCommerce with multiple online stores at one place.