Max Mega Menu: Supercharge Your WordPress Navigation with Ease

Max Mega Menu Pro 2.4


Tom Hemsley

Introducing Max Mega Menu, the ultimate solution for your WordPress navigation needs. This powerful plugin transforms your existing menu into a user-friendly, customizable, and responsive mega menu.

Max Mega Menu is designed with both functionality and convenience in mind. It’s not just a plugin, it’s a robust toolkit that gives you the power to create a menu that fits your unique needs. With its easy-to-use drag and drop menu builder, you can construct custom menus in no time.

Key Features:

  1. Drag & Drop Menu Builder: Create complex mega menus using the familiar WordPress menu interface.
  2. Responsive & Touch Friendly: With Max Mega Menu, you can rest assured that your menu will look great on all devices.
  3. Customizable Styling: With over 100 customization options, you can adjust every aspect of your menu to match your site’s aesthetics.
  4. Advanced Content Types: Add widgets, shortcodes, or raw HTML to your menus to create truly dynamic dropdowns.
  5. Seamless Integration: Works out of the box with most WordPress themes, saving you valuable setup time.

Whether you’re running an eCommerce store, a blog, or a corporate website, Max Mega Menu is the perfect choice for enhancing your site’s navigation and improving your visitors’ experience.

= 2.3.1 =

  • Fix: Do not load Font Awesome 6 (Free) on nav-menus.php if the Font Awesome plugin is installed and configured to load Font Awesome 6 (Pro)
  • Fix: Compatibility with scssphp 1.11.1/Max Mega Menu v3.3

= =

  • Fix: WooCommerce store search option
  • Fix: Window width detection when using browser zoom function in Chrome

= 2.4 =

  • New feature: Page Overlay (dim the page background when the menu is hovered over)
  • Fix: jQuery deprecation warnings
  • Accessibility improvement: Close search box when tabbed away from using keyboard navigation
  • Accessibility improvement: Clear search box when pressing back button in browser