Maximize Business Collaboration with Afterlogic Aurora Corporate: Your Comprehensive Groupware Solution

Afterlogic Aurora Corporate - Groupware system for businesses & providers 9.7.4 NULLED



Afterlogic Aurora Corporate is a comprehensive groupware solution designed to facilitate business collaboration. This on-premises solution allows you to retain full control over your data, ensuring privacy and compliance with business and government-enforced regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA.

Key features of Afterlogic Aurora Corporate include:

  • Collaboration Tools: Share contacts, calendars, folders, and files with teammates. Collaboratively edit documents and access version history.
  • Email Management: Check email in multiple accounts with Unified Inbox, use mail threads, filters, multiple signatures, and mail templates.
  • CardDAV / CalDAV: Contacts and calendars sync via DAV protocols.
  • ActiveSync Option: Enables mail, contacts, calendars sync between Aurora, mobile devices, and MS Outlook.
  • Outlook Connector: Syncs contacts and calendars between Outlook and Aurora.
  • Access from Any Device: Lets your users just type their email/password and never deal with mail server settings or blocked IMAP/SMTP ports by using iOS/Android email client.
  • Personal and Corporate File Storage: Your own cloud storage, with DAV sync.
  • Online Document Editing: With OnlyOffice integration, you can edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Chat with Teammates: Aurora Corporate can integrate with Rocket.Chat and Jitsi to enable instant messaging and audio/video calls between the members of your organization.

Afterlogic Aurora Corporate is a powerful tool that brings together all the essential features for effective business collaboration in one platform. Whether it’s sharing files or calendars, sending or receiving emails, or editing documents online, Afterlogic Aurora Corporate has got you covered.