Maximize Customer Loyalty with WooCommerce Points and Rewards - Engage, Reward, and Retain Your Customers

WooCommerce Points and Rewards 1.7.44


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The WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension is a powerful tool that brings a robust loyalty rewards system to your online store. It allows you to reward your customers with points that they can redeem for discounts on future purchases.

Key features include:

  1. Flexible Points Assigning System: You can set how many points customers will earn for each dollar spent and determine the value of points when redeemed.
  2. Complete Control: You can control the maximum discount and decide whether points are awarded based on the purchase subtotal or total.
  3. Customizable Messages: Display messages on the product, cart, and checkout pages to inform customers about how many points they will earn.
  4. Points Management: Administrators can adjust the points balance for a customer, while customers can view their points balance and history.


The WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension is an excellent addition to any online store looking to increase customer loyalty and boost sales.


  • Customer Engagement: The system encourages repeat business by rewarding customers with points for every purchase.
  • Flexibility: The plugin offers a high level of customization allowing you to tailor the rewards system to fit your business needs.
  • Ease of Use: It is easy to install, set up, and manage.


  • Limited Reward Options: The rewards are limited to discounts on future purchases. It would be great if there were options for other types of rewards.
  • No Expiry Option: Currently, there‚Äôs no feature to set an expiry date for the points which could encourage quicker redemption.


Overall, the WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension is a valuable tool for any e-commerce business using WooCommerce. It provides an effective way to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. While it could benefit from additional features, its flexibility and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment for online store owners.