MTDb: How to Create Your Own Movie and TV Series Site with Ease

MTDb - Ultimate Movie and TV Database [Vebto] 4.0.5



MTDb is a multi-purpose movie and TV series platform that allows you to create your own movie and TV site with ease. Whether you want to build an IMDb or Netflix clone or provide free movie streaming links, MTDb has got you covered. It’s a user-friendly solution with powerful features.

2023 August 10 - Version 4.0.2

  • new: added seo tags for video page
  • new: other episodes can now be shown on episode page
  • new: improved mobile search layout
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  • new: share button on person page
  • new: added edit title button on title page, if user has permissions
  • fix: manually curated channels being limited to 50 items
  • fix: make genres and keywords translatable
  • fix: importing multiple titles progress sometimes not working
  • fix: wrong director sometimes showing in title page
  • fix: importing series by TMDB id
  • fix: season sitemap generator
  • fix: episode page mobile layout
  • fix: attach new countries from title editor
  • fix: several layout issues on mobile on homepage
  • fix: add some missing translations
  • fix: user profile lists section showing wrong lists sometimes
  • fix: issue with posting comments
  • fix: age display issue in person page

2023 September 15 - Version 4.0.3

  • new: improved first page load speed
  • new: improved SEO tags editor in admin area
  • new: allow specifying file uploads directory
  • new: show an upgrade message if user does not have permissions to view videos.
  • new: show video quality badge in alternative video list on video page
  • change: show episode selector below video when it’s an external embed
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2024 June 01 - Version 4.0.4

new: it’s now possible to show pagination on channel pages
new: updated channel management pages in admin area
new: it’s now possible to change default font, border radius and navbar color from appearance editor.
new: errors on the site will now show more details, if logged in as admin.

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new: translations can now be downloaded and uploaded as .json file
new: added CRON, outgoing email and error logs in admin area
new: changed email verification to use one time password, instead of verification link
new: request password before allowing user to delete account
new: allow sitemap generation via command line
new: added social icons in the icon selector in menu manager
new: added logout button to verify email page
new: show user suspension reason on edit user page
fix: update seasons when importing series by ID from admin area, even if that series is already imported
fix: title backdrops not uploading when s3 provider is selected
fix: episode grid starting at the wrong season on episode page
fix: some layout issues in user profile page
fix: subscription activation sometimes being delayed when using stripe
fix: paypal subscription state sometimes not syncing with the site
fix: hidden plans being used for discount calculation
fix: incorrect link in checkout error page
fix: old settings sometimes being cached
fix: resending email verification from admin area
fix: some issues with appearance editor color pickers
fix: seo tags being duplicated sometimes
fix: a few issues with user passwords and login
fix: issue with when switching from stripe test mode to live
fix: custom landing page SEO tags not showing sometimes
fix: date range picker issue when starting selection from end date
fix: mark all notification as unread, instead of just visible ones via mark as unread button
fix: api docs authentication
fix: mobile menu sometimes opening links in new window
fix: cookie notice layout on mobile

2024 June 05 - Version 4.0.5

new: added last login and suspension status in users datatable in admin area
fix: show watchlist button on mobile
fix: invoice notification sometimes not being sent