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MyD Delivery Pro 1.9.56 NULLED


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Experience the power of seamless delivery management with the MyD Delivery Plugin for WordPress. This comprehensive solution is designed to streamline your delivery process, making it faster, more efficient, and more reliable. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, MyD Delivery Plugin is your key to unlocking a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience.


Fast Setup: Get your delivery system up and running in no time with our easy-to-use setup process.
2. Complete Delivery Management: From order placement to delivery, manage every step of the process with ease.
3. Real-Time Tracking: Keep your customers informed with real-time updates on their delivery status.
4. Integration with WordPress: Seamlessly integrate with your existing WordPress site for a unified user experience.
5. Customer Satisfaction: With faster deliveries and real-time updates, ensure high customer satisfaction.

Harness the power of efficient delivery management with the MyD Delivery Plugin. Transform your delivery process today!

= 1.9.54 =

  • Fix: validate payment option before create order.
  • Improvements: translations.

= 1.9.55 =

  • Improvements: save neighborhood on userData storage if shipping method is Google Maps API.
  • Improvements: translations.

= 1.9.56 =

  • Improvements: add order total to tracking event when order is completed.
  • Improvements: translations compatibility with new WP performance approuch.
  • Improvements: IT translations.
  • Improvements: compatibility with WordPress 6.5.