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NexoPOS - POS, CRM and Inventory Manager 5.1.0


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Discover NexoPOS 4.x: The Ultimate Store Management Solution

NexoPOS 4.x is a comprehensive and powerful POS System, CRM, and Inventory Manager designed to streamline your store management process. This advanced solution empowers you to monitor and track the growth of your store effortlessly.

Unlock the full potential of NexoPOS with our wide range of customizable modules available on our marketplace. Tailor the system to your specific needs and expand its capabilities to suit your business requirements.

Experience the following key features:

Robust Inventory Manager for detailed control
Efficient Cash Registers and comprehensive transaction history
Flexible POS System adaptable to your unique workflows
Multi Tax System for accurate calculations
Manage both normal and recurring expenses seamlessly
Personalize receipts to match your brand identity
Simplify accounting with an integrated journal
Implement a rewarding system to engage customers
Offer discounts and promotions with ease using coupons
Enable customer accounts and wallets for convenient transactions
Assign multiple roles and users for efficient team management
Experience the power of NexoPOS 4.x and take your store management to new heights. Explore the limitless possibilities of this feature-rich solution for your business success.

= v4.8.19 - 2023.06.26

  • Added: force flag to the Artisan call
  • Updated: Modified tax computation function
  • Updated: The computeInclusive() function in the tax library has been modified to enhance tax calculations

= v5.1.0 - 2024.02.28

  • Fixed: The field was disabled when the reset confirmation was closed
  • Fixed: scroll on the product grid
  • Fixed: renaming column on transaction histories
  • Fixed: make tax group nullable on procurements products
More detail
  • Fixed: loading quick product with no default
  • Fixed: ns.recurring-transaction was written as ns.recurring-transactions (with a ‘s’) which was causing the recurrence screen not to work.
  • Fixed: Deleting Product On Cart #1783
  • Fixed: #1750 reset feature
  • Fixed: Ensure compatibility while extracting product form.
  • Fixed: Can’t reassign unit for already assigned unit
  • Fixed: customer name not appearing on settings
  • Fixed: typo on ClearHoldOrdersJob
  • Fixed: Helper::toJsOptions support an array as a label
  • Fixed: display order control when it’s loaded on order preview
  • Added: Ensure set action performs a correct increase/decrease action
  • Added: new developer sections on About page.
  • Added: unit conversion feature.
  • Added: can’t assign twice the same unit to a product
  • Added: proper disabled state for search-select field
  • Added: support for hiding checkboxes
  • Updated: unused js files
  • Updated: set is the default adjustment action by default
  • Updated: Procurement Name is not required anymore.
  • Updated: We’ll keep a loading state when the procurement is successful.