Novashare: Fast, Lightweight, and Performance-Focused Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Novashare v1.4.7 - WordPress Social Sharing Plugin


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Novashare is a performance-focused social sharing plugin for WordPress. Designed with speed in mind, it’s a lightweight tool that won’t slow down your website, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Fast and Lightweight: Novashare is built for speed. It’s a lightweight plugin that doesn’t compromise your site’s performance.
2. Easy Social Sharing: With Novashare, users can easily share your content on their favorite social media platforms, increasing your reach and visibility.
3. Performance-Focused: Unlike other plugins, Novashare is designed with performance in mind. It loads efficiently, ensuring your site’s speed isn’t affected.
4. WordPress Compatible: Novashare is fully compatible with WordPress, making it easy to integrate with your existing website.
5. User-Friendly: With its intuitive interface, Novashare is easy to use, making social sharing a breeze.