Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM

Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM + Premium Add-ons 3.1.6


Discover Perfex CRM: The Ultimate Self-Hosted CRM Solution

Perfex CRM is a versatile Customer Relationship Management software suitable for businesses, freelancers, and various other applications. With its sleek and contemporary design, Perfex CRM enhances your professional image while boosting overall business performance.

Efficiently manage customers with Perfex CRM’s powerful features:

Project Management: Seamlessly handle projects and create invoices effortlessly.
Task Integration: Link tasks to various CRM features for streamlined organization.
Professional Estimates and Invoices: Create visually appealing estimates and invoices.
Robust Support System: Import tickets automatically and provide exceptional customer service.
Time Tracking and Billing: Monitor task duration and bill customers accurately. Assign multiple staff members and track timers per assignment.
Task Followers: Keep stakeholders updated on task progress, even if they aren’t project members.
Lead Management: Track and monitor leads, import from emails, create proposals, and manage stages effortlessly.
Sales-Boosting Proposals: Generate captivating proposals to win over leads and customers.
Expense Tracking: Record company/project expenses and effortlessly convert them into invoices.
Powerful CRM Insights: Gain valuable customer insights with Perfex CRM’s robust CRM functionality.
Customer Retention Surveys: Improve customer retention rates with built-in surveys.
Goal Tracking: Stay focused on sales goals with the Goals Tracking feature.
Announcements: Share important updates with staff members and customers.
Contracts: Secure current and future sales with the Contracts feature.
Custom Fields: Store additional information for customers, leads, and more.
Secure Payments: Accept payments in different currencies via PayPal and Stripe.
Extensive Configuration Options: Customize Perfex CRM to align with your specific requirements.
Branding and Theming: Apply your company’s branding to the CRM with powerful theme styling.
Separated Media Folder: Provide non-admin staff members with a dedicated space to organize files and uploads.
Staff Calendar: Visualize schedules with a sleek and intuitive calendar based on staff permissions.
Follow-Ups, Reports, Notes, and More: Access a wide range of features to streamline CRM operations.
Perfex CRM places customers at the forefront by offering a robust support system that includes an integrated ticketing system and customer reminders. Track and resolve issues promptly, assign reminders to staff members, and elevate customer satisfaction with ease.

Unleash the full potential of your business with Perfex CRM, the ultimate CRM solution designed to optimize customer management and drive growth.

Version 3.0.6 updates:

  • Fix deprecation warning
  • Fix CC bug on contracts
  • Fixed kanban not working on php7.4
  • Fix argument count exception in _l for php 8+
  • Fix Backward compatibility issue with php7.4
  • Fix Proposal content not parsing merge fields
  • Round Gateway fee’s to app decimal places
  • Fix slug_it function not working

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Version 3.1.0

January 4, 2024

Add advanced filters for customers
Add advanced filters for tasks

More detail

Add advanced filters for invoices
Add advanced filters for estimates
Add advanced filters for subscriptions
Add advanced filters for proposals
Add advanced filters for tickets
Add advanced filters for leads
Add advanced filters for projects
Add advanced filters for expenses
Add staff_cant function and deprecate has_permission function
Add advanced filters for contracts
Add advanced filters for credit notes
Add a create form button to estimate the request page
Updated: Do not allow editing contract content after signing or marked as signed
Updated: Lock contract content with used merge fields after signing or marked as signed
Update: Auto disable Pusher in case of invalid configuration
Update default charset to utf8mb4 (new installs only)
Add ability to save filters
Add ability to filter by custom fields
Add ability to mark filters as default
Add ability to share filters with other team members
Add ability to dynamically filter dates e.q. “next month”
Add ability to create conditional filters
Allow customers to table VAT search
Allow modules to register custom filters for supporting tables
Remove leads filters in favor of the new filter feature
Convert template column content to long text
Remove deprecated MySQL functions
Apply decimal setting to customer area dashboard
Remove hardcoded db prefix in leads import
Performance improvements
Fix pagebreak adding extra

tags to editors
Fix the calendar shown in English in the client area
Fix invoice items table
Fix bug with login in after importing customer without password
Fix custom field related to customer result not showing customer name
Fix undefined variable $ci error in the Tasks controller
Fix the sidebar toggle on a tablet
More hooks added
Minor fixes

Version 3.1.3-3.1.4

February 18, 2024

Add filter by members to the project table
Fix company info not displayed

More detail

Fix project milestones background not applied
Fixed cannot open proposal and estimate from pipeline
Fix new lines not applied in the timesheet report note
Fix auto importing tickets via IMAP not working
Fix some dates not properly formatted
Fix item description new lines not applied
Fix redirect not working on specific PHP builds

Version 3.1.5

March 18, 2024

Updated: TinyMCE to v6
Updated: Allow more HTML tags in ticket body content

More detail

Fix: Quick Create is not working for leads and tasks
Fix: Search results for knowledge base articles have incorrect links
Fix: Lead activity log shows HTML
Fix: Lead email activity tab shows HTML
Fix: Leads kanban status color not applied
Fix: Registration is not working when Honeypot is enabled
Fix: Delete ticket attachment downloads an empty image placaholder
Minor UI/CSS fixes
Security assessments – thanks to

Version 3.1.6 - April 28, 2024

Add option to auto-convert proposal to invoice after acceptance (customers-related proposals only)
Add an option to disallow non-admin staff to edit tickets and replies messages
Fix tickets content show HTML
Fix modules menu item badge displays HTML

More detail

Fix the proposal table not sorting by date created
Fix detailed expenses report not working
Fix admin-related kb articles encoding
Fix TinyMCE not working in modals
Fix delete ticket redirect to invalid link