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PHP Form Builder - Advanced HTML forms generator with Drag & Drop 5.3 NULLED

Revolutionize Form Building with PHP Form Builder

PHP Form Builder is not just another form-building library; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers developers to create dynamic and customizable forms effortlessly. This PHP class-based library offers a range of functionalities, allowing users to program any type of form and easily layout them using simple functions or the intuitive drag & drop form generator.

Unparalleled Form Creation Flexibility:

With PHP Form Builder, you have the freedom to generate forms through both drag & drop functionality and direct PHP programming. This versatility ensures that you can choose the approach that best suits your needs, making form creation a breeze.

Seamless Integration of Powerful JavaScript Plugins:

PHP Form Builder takes advantage of the best JavaScript plugins available, enabling you to implement them effortlessly and elegantly. Whether you need interactive form elements, enhanced validation, or other dynamic functionalities, PHP Form Builder provides a seamless integration experience.

Streamlined Validation, Email Sending, and Database Handling:

Validation is made easy with PHP Form Builder, providing both live and server-side validation options. Ensuring that data entered in the form meets your specified criteria has never been simpler. Additionally, PHP Form Builder simplifies the process of sending emails and storing form data in a database, saving you valuable time and effort.

Comprehensive Documentation for All Skill Levels:

The documentation accompanying PHP Form Builder caters to both novice PHP users and experienced programmers. Whether you’re new to PHP or an expert developer, you’ll find the documentation to be a valuable resource. It includes numerous code examples, templates, function references, and “How to” guides, ensuring that you have the support you need to harness the full potential of PHP Form Builder.

Unmatched Assistance and Support:

We take pride in providing quick and efficient help to our users. If you encounter any issues or have questions while using PHP Form Builder, rest assured that our dedicated support team is ready to assist you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Flexibility to Integrate with Your Preferred Backend Solution:

Unlike many other form builders on the market, PHP Form Builder does not impose a built-in backend. This unique feature grants users the freedom to manage form data as they see fit. The provided PHP PDO class equips you with all the necessary functions to insert, edit, and delete records in a MySQL database, giving you complete control over your data management process.

Extensive Template Collection and Framework Compatibility:

PHP Form Builder offers an extensive collection of prebuilt templates, providing you with a head start in creating stylish and professional-looking forms. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with popular front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 5, Bulma, Foundation, Material, Tailwind, and uiKit, allowing you to leverage the power and flexibility of your preferred framework.

Enhanced Development Experience with IDE Plugins:

To further enhance your development workflow, PHP Form Builder provides Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text 3 plugins. These plugins integrate seamlessly with your IDE, offering advanced features and tools that streamline the form-building process.

Elevate Your Form-Building Experience with PHP Form Builder:

PHP Form Builder empowers developers with a feature-rich, intuitive, and highly customizable solution for building forms. Experience the convenience of drag & drop form creation, seamless integration of JavaScript plugins, simplified validation and data handling, and extensive template options. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced programmer, PHP Form Builder is the tool you need to create dynamic and engaging forms efficiently. Elevate your form-building experience with PHP Form Builder today.

version 5.3 (01/2024)

New Features:

  • add the code for Recaptcha to be properly loaded in Ajax forms
  • add php type hinting and enable PHP strict_types
More detail
  • fix PHP 8.3 deprecation warnings
  • review PHP Standard compliance with PHPCS and PHPCBS - StandardHPCompatibility 7.4-8.3
  • add SQL group_by clause in DB->select() ‘$extras’ argument
  • update the Signature Pad plugin to the latest version (v4.1.6)
  • add the ‘data-height’ attribute to the Signature Pad input
    Bug Fix:
  • repair the database getLastInsertId() function
  • fix “update” queries using the same fieldname in both values and where clause
  • fix Deprecated error in class.fileuploader.php