Powerful Filters for wpDataTables - Cascade Filtering for WordPress Tables

Powerful Filters for wpDataTables - Cascade Filter for WordPress Tables 1.4.4



The Powerful Filters addon for wpDataTables is a multifunctional tool that extends the default filtering functionalities of WordPress tables. It allows you and your site visitors to filter table data in the WordPress Tables frontend with Cascade filters, and also allows you to hide the table before the filter is applied.

Cascade filtering enables narrowing down the number of options available in each next filter by selecting from a previous one. For example, if in the first filter you have a list of continents, in second a list of countries, and in third a list of cities, when you choose a continent, the next 2 filters will only show the countries and cities that belong to this continent.

Cascading filters are very useful for large datasets, since finding data becomes much faster and more convenient when the filtering options are narrowed down “on the fly”. The wpDataTables core plugin also provides a comprehensive list of filter types: text, number, number range, date range, datetime range, time range, selectbox, multiselectbox and checkbox. Combinations of these filters, along with the Powerful Filters functionalities, provides real flexibility for configuring the filtering engine for almost any need.

Installing and activating Powerful Filters is straightforward if you have some experience with WordPress plugins. There are 2 possible ways of uploading it to your WordPress site: through your WordPress admin panel or through FTP. Once uploaded and activated, you will notice several new options in the Sorting and Filtering tab on the table configuration page. To try how cascade works, enable the “Cascade filtering” option and choose either of two available logic types: “From left to right” (dependent filtering), or “Free” (independent filtering).

Overall, Powerful Filters is an excellent addon for wpDataTables that provides advanced filtering options for your WordPress tables. It’s easy to install and use, and can greatly enhance your data management capabilities.

Version 1.4.4 (Released 20.11.2023.)

A minor update with improvements and bug fixes:

Improvement: SEO improvement- Reduced unused css and js.
Other small bug fixes