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PowerPack for Beaver Builder 2.36.2


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Introducing PowerPack for Beaver Builder - the ultimate add-on to enhance your website building experience. Developed by BeaverAddons, PowerPack is the first and original add-on designed specifically for Beaver Builder users.

PowerPack offers over 90 unique, creative, and solution-oriented modules. These modules are designed to help you build better websites efficiently. From simple headings to complex login and registration modules, PowerPack has everything you need for all kinds of websites.

In addition to the modules, PowerPack also provides a template library consisting of over 200 section templates and 150 page templates. These templates cover a wide variety of businesses and content sections, allowing you to build custom page layouts in just a few clicks.

One of the unique features of PowerPack is its Header Footer Builder. With this feature, you can design custom header and footer layouts with Beaver Builder, giving you complete freedom to design your entire website however you like.

PowerPack is trusted by over 100,000 users and Beaver Builder experts. Start testing today and experience the most customizable ecommerce platform for building your online business.

== 2.34.1 ==

Release date: November 25, 2023

  • Fix: Advanced Menu - Horizontal layout issue in responsive view

== 2.35.0 ==

Release date: February 29, 2024

  • Enhancement: Added new row separator - Twin Curves
  • Enhancement: Contact Form - Added Beaver Themer field connection for the email field
  • Enhancement: Content Grid - Added support for WooCommerce catalog ordering dropdown on shop page
More detail
  • Enhancement: Social Icons - Hide the corresponding icon when the link is not provided
  • Enhancement: Modal Box - Prevent closing Modal Box when clicking on page anchors in the modal by using this CSS class anchor-click-no-event
  • Enhancement: Modal Box - Converted modal box border, shadow, and margin multiple fields to single compound field
  • Enhancement: Logos Grid - Added an option to upload bulk images including support for Beaver Themer’s field connections
  • Enhancement: Animated Headline - Added experimental CSS class “no-loop” to prevent animation loop for rotating text
  • Enhancement: Advanced Menu - Added an option to provide custom toggle icon from font icons library
  • Fix: Table - Scroll swipe feature was not working when there are multiple instances on the same page
  • Fix: Hover Cards 2 - Image scaling issue in Safari browser in some cases
  • Fix: FAQ - Radius was not working on hover in some cases
  • Fix: WPForms Styler - Some styles were not working due to CSS class change in WPForms
  • Fix: Video - JavaScript error when rendering video from Facebook
  • Fix: Gravity Forms Styler - Removed default tabindex value from the module settings
  • Fix: Infolist - Issues with items spacing
  • Fix: Album - Cover width and height options are not working for large breakpoint
  • Fix: Advanced Menu - PHP notice in some cases when background opacity field is empty
  • Fix: Pullquote - Background and text color were not getting applied in some cases
  • Fix: Hover Cards 2 - Do not set background none if color field is empty
  • Fix: Content Grid - JS error in some cases
  • Fix: Modal Box - Overlay was showing despite the option was set to hide
  • Fix: Pricing Table - Icon center alignment issue when there is no item text
  • Development: Social Icons - Added filter hook pp_social_icons_empty_link_hide_icon
  • Development: Business Hours - Added filter hook pp_business_hours_enable_schema to disable schema markup

== 2.36.2 ==

Release date: April 5, 2024

  • Fix: Content Grid - Scroll pagination was repeating posts when using FacetWP filters
  • Fix: Album - Cover height was getting applied on the button trigger
  • Fix: Social Icons - New Twitter icon displays incorrectly on Windows
  • Fix: Hover Cards - Opacity issue when using global color for the overlay
  • Fix: Hover Cards - Do not set transparent background when the overlay color is not provided