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Rank Math is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website for search engines. It offers a wide range of features that can help you improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines. Some of the features included with Rankmath SEO are:

Automated SEO analysis: Analyze your webpages for SEO and get real-time recommendations for optimization.
On-page SEO optimization: Optimize your content for SEO with the help of Rankmath’s powerful on-page optimization tools.
Advanced SEO settings: Customize your SEO settings and configure your website for maximum visibility in search engines.
Rank Math also features advanced snippet previews that allow you to see how your content will appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). With Rank Math, you can easily optimize your website for search engines and improve your online visibility.

v3.0.41 July 26, 2023

  • Fixed: SEO Performance page was not showing all the posts when data was sorted
  • Fixed: Missing Podcast Schema option in the Filter by Schema type dropdown

v3.0.43 August 23, 2023

v3.0.46 October 5, 2023

v3.0.47 October 18, 2023

  • Added: Turkish translations
  • Updated: German translations
  • Fixed: Importing data from CSV file was not working properly
  • Fixed: SQL error related to Analytics on MySQL version 5.7 and lower

v3.0.48 November 1, 2023

Fixed: %customfield% variable was not working in the Podcast RSS feed
Fixed: Competitor Analyzer tab was not appearing for the non-admin users
Fixed: XSL error in Video Sitemap on Turkish language sites

v3.0.49 November 15, 2023

Improved: Generate Video Schema tool now updates the uploadDate value in existing Video Schemas in accordance with the new guidelines
Fixed: Broken image in the Schema shortcode when Podcast Image is not added in the Settings
Fixed: Range Error shown in browser’s console on some setups on the Analytics page
Fixed: Deprecated PHP warnings on Post Analytics page

v3.0.50 November 30, 2023

Fixed: Adding empty lines in Pros & Cons fields created non-compliant Schema Markup
Fixed: Attribute to show price range show_priceRange in the Local Business shortcode was not functioning
Fixed: Open Graph image did not update after importing data using the CSV File
Fixed: Incorrect Schema displayed in the Code Validation on the Homepage

More detail

Fixed: Error after importing Redirections with encoded characters from a CSV file

v3.0.51 December 7, 2023

Improved: Content AI is now optimized to deliver results quickly
Improved: Bulk Generate SEO Meta tags feature is now restricted to Paid Content AI users
Improved: Autogenerate Image now uses the Poster Image as the thumbnailUrl for self-hosted videos
Improved: Podcast Feed Permalink filter now allows disabling the Podcast feed by passing a false value

v3.0.54 January 17, 2024

Fixed: PHP warning in Post Analytics
Fixed: Issue with Importing metadata from CSV file on a multisite setup
Fixed: Issue with Importing Redirections from CSV file on a multisite setup

v3.0.56 February 21, 2024

Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) Translations
Improved: Schema Template labels for clarity
Fixed: PHP error on Post Analytics page when the site is not connected to Google Analytics
Fixed: Incorrect URL used in the Schema Global Template’s edit button when Site URL and WordPress URL are different

v3.0.58 March 20, 2024

Added: New properties to the Product Variant Schema that was recently introduced by Google
Fixed: Missing keywords property in Article Schema when multiple Schemas are added
Fixed: Order issue in the Keywords Position History graph

v3.0.59 April 3, 2024

Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) Translations
Improved: JobPosting location field label to prevent confusion regarding the optional fields

v3.0.60 April 12, 2024

Added: New filter to modify the value of news:language in the News Sitemap
Improved: Auto-generated Video Schema will be removed when the associated video is deleted from the content during post updates
Fixed: Bulk Actions issue with custom post types

v3.0.63 May 31, 2024

Fixed: Setting about link to the static homepage was breaking the Schema
Fixed: Filter to modify the news:language property in the News Sitemap was not functioning properly