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Relevanssi Premium 2.25.2


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Mikko Saari

Relevanssi is a powerful WordPress search plugin that enhances the search functionality of your website. With Relevanssi, you can improve the relevance of your search results, provide a better user experience, and customize your search options to meet your specific needs.

= 2.24.1 =

  • New feature: The debugging tab now shows the status of the ‘relevanssi_words’ option.
  • Changed behaviour: The ‘relevanssi_index_content’ and ‘relevanssi_index_titles’ filter hooks now get the post object as a second parameter.
  • Minor fix: Stop Relevanssi from blocking the feed searches.
  • Minor fix: Remove warning from missing blog_id parameter.
  • Minor fix: Improve exact match boosts with accented letters.
  • Minor fix: Entering synonyms in Polylang all languages mode was possible; it shouldn’t be.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi is now blocked in the reusable content block search.

= 2.24.3 =

  • Security fix: Relevanssi had a vulnerability for SQL injections. Exploiting the vulnerability does require WP admin access. This vulnerability is now fixed.
  • Security fix: Relevanssi had a vulnerability for error log injections. Exploiting this vulnerability requires file upload access to the site. This vulnerability is now fixed.
  • New feature: New filter hook ‘relevanssi_get_attachment_posts_query_final’ filters the final SQL query for attachment post fetching.
More detail
  • Changed behaviour: Relevanssi now skips attachments with ‘Server did not respond’ errors when reading attachments. This should help with problems coming from attachments that are too big read.
  • Minor fix: Improved server timeout error handling for attachment reading.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi didn’t strip tags from custom field specific excerpts, and could show zero-hit excerpts for the content.
  • Minor fix: Multisite search failed when the search term resolved to nothing in the tokenizer.

= 2.24.4 =

  • Minor fix: Fixes broken taxonomy indexing.

= 2.25.1 =

  • Security fix: Relevanssi had a vulnerability where anyone could access the search logs and click logs. The log export is now protected.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi had problems with Polylang when a post or term didn’t have language specified. Now Relevanssi handles those situations better.
  • Minor fix: Post date throttling had a MySQL error that made it replace JOINs instead of concatenating.
  • Minor fix: The log database table now has an index on session_id, as not having that index can slow down the search a lot.

= 2.25.2 =

  • Security fix: Prevent CSV injection attack in log export.
  • Security fix: Restrict access to doc count updates.
  • Minor fix: Product variations check the parent product for access restrictions, to avoid situations where variations of a draft product appear in the results.
  • Minor fix: Improved TablePress compatibility.
  • Minor fix: Added error handling to the Ninja Table compatibility code.